House prices skyrocketing due to immigration

The price of housing in Australia is going up and up, being unreasonably pushed beyond the limits of ordinary Australians, especially for young couples and families.[1] Immigration is a major issue in the price of housing. Land in close proximity to the major Australian cities is a limited commodity. A high level of immigration creates […]

Political Correctness – The final nail in the coffin of the Anzac legacy

Andrew Phillips describes how the jack-booted brigades of Political Correctness are undermining the sacrifices made by the Australian service men and women for our nation and our way of life. As we draw near to April, once again the thoughts of Australians turn to the sacrifices made by previous generations in past conflicts. In regional […]

Win back Australian jobs: Use common sense to win back Australia’s future

Andrew Guild puts forward some patriotic views on saving Australian jobs and halting the loss of Australian industries to foreign control. In the past, Australian industries successfully manufactured all sorts of products; clothes, sneakers, even radios, TVs and computers. However, now many of our manufacturing companies have closed down, are considering closing down, or are […]

Increasing democracy in Australia: A plan to introduce far greater democracy into our current system of parliamentary representation

Andrew Guild writes on some of the inequalities in our current system of democracy, and proposes a new system of Actual-Number Representation with Optional List Voting (ANROLV) combined with Citizens’ Initiated Referendums to help remedy the situation. A Discussion on Democracy The concept of true democratic representation is where every citizen can meet to discuss […]

This issue’s front cover

The front cover of this issue of Destiny encompasses several elements. The artist, Neddie Bullock, outlines his interpretation of the cover’s symbolism. Ned Kelly, being an iconic Aussie larrikin, is in the foreground taking on the might of a Chinese dragon. He appears almost naked as a symbolism for revealing all, in terms of the […]