The Forgotten Lower Class

Michael Watson on the dilemmas facing Australian workers, of poverty, unemployment, and a growing underclass – with the associated problems of drugs and crime. Australian Nationalists believe in supporting and unifying all people in this country. We wish to create a society where all people have a sense of pride in their family, their community […]

Is Asianisation genocide of the Australian People?

Darrin Hodges exposes the traitors from both sides of politics who have effectively overridden the will of the people and are pushing an “Asian Future” upon the Australian nation. The issue of Asianisation may no longer be an issue of immigration. Even if we stopped Asian immigration tomorrow, we could still become Asianised – it […]

Swiss nationalists dominate elections

Patriots in Switzerland show that political successes can be achieved. The Swiss People’s Party (the Schweizerische Volkspartei, or SVP) has received the highest vote ever recorded in Switzerland’s history in that country’s October 2007 elections. The SVP won 29% of the vote, making it the biggest party in the country. Now having 62 of the […]

Future prospects for Australian Protectionists

Mark Wilson analyses the outcome of the 2007 federal election and its implications for the future of the nationalist movement in Australia. The consensus among Protectionist organisers before the 2007 federal election was that a win by Kevin Rudd and the Labor Party would be a good thing for the patriotic movement, because the greatest […]

A cultural movement for Australia’s future

A discussion on the need for a wider cultural movement of Australian nationalists and patriots, encompassing cultural, social, and political elements. A “party” is not enough Today’s political and social environment is vastly different to that of 50 years ago. Being a political party is not enough to bring about change in our country. Our […]