Archives for August 2007

A cultural movement for Australia’s future

A discussion on the need for a wider cultural movement of Australian nationalists and patriots, encompassing cultural, social, and political elements. A “party” is not enough Today’s political and social environment is vastly different to that of 50 years ago. Being a political party is not enough to bring about change in our country. Our […]

Anti-national nihilism: The destruction of our society by Globalists and other Australia-haters

Andrew Guild writes on the problems facing young Australians, dramas which will steadily increase in the long-term and create havoc for future generations. Economic disaster A combination of policies produced by the Australia-haters of the Liberal-Labor parties, and supported by Globalists in general, is leading to the creation of a permanent underclass in our nation. […]

African gangs pose threat: Australians face the new problem of black African gangs in their midst

A new problem has arisen in modern Australia, coming hot on the heels of a huge tide of immigration into the country of black Africans, including particularly large numbers of African refugees. Police sources have revealed that there are increasing problems with African street gangs, and that they have been become increasingly violent. The Sudanese […]

Improving our schools

Arnold O’Reilly gives a teacher’s point of view on how to fix the crisis in our education system. I write in response to the utter nonsense written in the newspapers regarding education, particularly the proposed assessment of teaching “performance”, and the awarding of pay rises for those judged to be “excellent “teachers. It is patently […]


A poem from Redback Dave on the disastrous effects upon the Australian people of economic rationalism, globalism, and cheap foreign labour. In the rarefied air of the Tattersalls Club the captains of industry spoke of the shortage of skills faced by businesses, which would surely be sending them broke. One old exec rumbled, “Now, these […]