A cultural movement for Australia’s future

A discussion on the need for a wider cultural movement of Australian nationalists and patriots, encompassing cultural, social, and political elements.

A “party” is not enough

Today’s political and social environment is vastly different to that of 50 years ago. Being a political party is not enough to bring about change in our country. Our nation requires a shift in attitudes, something that can only be brought about by a social movement, by an ideology that can promote itself and fight the alien ideologies that are undermining Australia.

Therefore, we seek to act as a catalyst for a change in society’s outlook, away from the multiculturalist anti-national outlook promoted by the media, politicians, and academics. We aim to influence the thinking of the ordinary men and women of Australia, to influence “the man in the street” towards a sustainable patriotic viewpoint.

We are fighting a “cultural war”, a war of attitudes, against a firmly entrenched Establishment of many aspects. Our nation’s enemies (internationalists, multiculturalists, and assorted fellow travelers) have taken over our nation’s institutions (the places of social power: the main political parties, schools, universities, legal system, unions, and – especially – the media). It is not a “conspiracy” as such, but a gathering of like-minded individuals who instinctively push their ideology whenever they can, and generally deny places to nationalist-minded Australians (just one accusation of “racist” can nowadays be enough to derail or destroy a person’s career). They exert influence over Australians because they are constantly inserting their propaganda, their ideological viewpoint, into their work: in the schools, news reports, general television shows, legal judgments, etc.

A fight against such a well-oiled machine by individual patriots can have some limited success, but to have a wider and more general success we must be organised. On a battlefield, a well-organised and well-established army will always win against an enemy which is made up of individuals fighting their own war of “leaderless resistance” (even guerilla armies have leadership; for example, the Viet Cong had a well-established leadership, along with material support given to their organisation from North Vietnam, China, and the USSR). Even though we are not in a physical battle, the parallel is applicable: an organised machine will more than likely defeat a disorganised enemy.

To organise against the anti-Australian forces, we must have a political party as part of our “cultural war” arsenal; however, we must realise that having a political party is not enough, and so we must first and foremost be a social movement as well, advocating a coherent ideology, fighting our way through the cultural war that the multiculturalists have thrust upon us. Supporting a political party is only one part of fighting for our nation’s survival; although it fulfills an immensely important role, it is not enough – it is the winning over of our nation’s people that must be our primary objective.

Creating a focal point

The existence of a national organisation gives the public a point of focus; instead of being rudderless and leaderless, they have someone to turn to. Instead of just talking to their friends about the problems of Australia, they have somewhere to go to, to obtain materials to give out to more people (leaflets, magazines, etc.), to meet like-minded people (which is important for personal morale), and to become more aware and more deeply educated about the issues that face our nation. Instead of just whingeing to friends, instead they can become knowledgeable activists, becoming more enabled to convince other people, and being able to spread information to thousands of people (instead of just to a few friends), and creating a flow-on effect as more people join.

A nationally-known organisation becomes a focal point for patriotic resistance. People know where to go to get materials to hand out or to letterbox (to thousands of others), where to go to get more information and brush up on supporting arguments (internet sites and journals), and where to go to become more involved (where they can get the support of others). By running candidates in elections, a political party can generate national publicity, which will prompt even more people to look us up or come forward.

Overseas examples, such as the British National Party (with dozens of seats in local government) show that “strength attracts strength”. When people see one success they feel more comfortable in coming out and joining; when they see lots of successes, many more people feel comfortable enough to go out and do something. No ordinary person wants to join a street march if there is only going to be 5 people there, but if there is 5,000 marching, then people are much more willing to become involved – because they feel more comfortable, more secure, and more morally vindicated, all by the presence of many others of the same view. This “street march” principle applies to people participating in politics too.

Taking back the moral high ground

However, it is not enough to have an organisation, a political party. We must also be a social movement, bringers of a revitalized patriotic ideology, creating a new way of thinking – a way of thinking that promotes the well-being of the Australian nation.

For far too long the multiculturalists and globalists have undermined Australia (and Western nations in general). At every turn, at every opportunity, they constantly eat away at the very foundations of our culture, society, and heritage; like termites attacking a wooden house, they have been gnawing away at the very structure of Western civilisation.

Whether it was supposed “racism” against Aborigines, “discrimination” against homosexuals, or “prejudice” against Muslims, they have continuously forced “collective guilt” down our throats for decades (even when we have nothing to be sorry for). This especially applies to our poor schoolchildren, who are being fed these “guilt trips” as “facts” by teachers and the media, and so many are emerging from the education system with low national self-esteem, lack of social identity, and a sense of cultural self-loathing – many have become so traumatized and guilt-ridden that they have become pawns for the multiculturalists (that is, if they haven’t become so disconnected from society that they turn to drugs or suicide).

To counter the multiculturalists’ attacks upon the psychological and social well-being of our nation’s children, and our people in general, we must have a coherent strategy (based upon truth and facts), to oppose the lies and twisted truths of the Australia-haters and globalists.

Such a strategy is two-fold:

1) We must counter their attacks upon our society. For example, we must attack their lies about a “stolen generation”, and show that Australians sought to create better conditions for the Aborigines by removing children from chronically drunk or abusive parents.

2) We must mount our own attacks upon their ideology. For example, we must (rightly) accuse the multiculturalists (who support “non-discriminatory” immigration, which inevitably leads to Asianisation) of committing genocide against the White Australian people and against the Aboriginal people. Australians must realise that the Asianisation of our nation is genocide.

Just as the feminists created an ideology which permeated society in the 1970s, we must develop and push a pro-Australian, pro-Western, ideology to permeate our society in the 2000s. We must develop our ideas, our arguments, and our information resources to enable our people to throw off the psychological shackles of multiculturalism, to be able to proudly stand up and proclaim themselves as fair dinkums, Australian nationalists, Australian protectionists, always ready to put Australia and the Australian people first before all else. We are engaged in a battle for moral ascendancy in the community, and it is a battle that we must win.

To win back the moral high ground, we must conduct this ideological fight amongst the general public, in the streets, on the internet, in the media, and – especially – amongst the youth of Australia. With an organisation equipped to carry out these struggles, we can distribute millions of persuasive materials, advance political and cultural campaigns, gain much publicity, carry forth our views and ideals, and win the hearts and minds of the Australian people.

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