The youth today

A young nationalist puts forward his opinion on the problems facing our younger generation.

On many fronts we youth of today have been attacked and our opponents are constantly working to brainwash, divide and ultimately conquer us. This article is dedicated to Stephanie Gestier and Jodie Gater, who were tragic victims of society.

Many factors are continuously trying to subdue the youth by dividing them into subcultures and making them all seem separated in their own little groups. This has been blatantly obvious with the media recently; because of the suicides of two teenage girls (Stephanie Gestier and Jodie Gater) in the Victorian Dandenongs, the media have started a bombardment of dividing the youth into subcultures, just because of their particular style or choice of dress.

It is very sad how the Australian media are choosing such an issue to divide us. They are using the suicide of two teenage girls who were ultimately driven to this from high school bullying (this shows what inter-racial schools achieve). We have seen many sad examples of what the over-whelming effect of bullying can have on white teenagers – with the American high school shooting of Columbine being one sad example.

Now the media would never say it, but the schools that all of these people attended are filled with mixed races and homosexuality. The sad infection of inter-racial schools and the mixing of normal heterosexual boys and girls with the infection of homosexuality and even bisexuality has existed for so many years now, even way back to 1988 when some of our dear friends were at school together.

I have personally seen the common developing trend, which is so-called ‘cool’ among today’s youth (especially teenage girls) that it is ‘cool’ and ‘hip’ to be bisexual or even lesbian. With the girls and boys splitting into factions at school they are easier targets for mental manipulation.

It seems to be a lot worse in today’s generation than in that of the previous generations. Also, it does not just stay at school anymore like it used to, because people are going through the internet (examples being MySpace and chat rooms). And with the youth being separated into groups they are easier targets for brainwashing. This situation has apparently been this way for many years now, and with this comes the attacks from the bullies.

Anecdotal evidence puts forward a view that various people have that many problems exist with bullies, or gangs of bullies, at schools which have large numbers of Aborigines, Lebanese, and Maoris. If this is true, then one possibility is that the Multiculturalists have placed a large chip on the shoulder of many non-white minorities with their propaganda against the European settlement of Australia, against the Australian identity, and against the overall wealth of Western nations, and that this racist anti-white propaganda has a double effect, not only prompting or encouraging some non-white minorities into bullying Aussie kids, but also at the same time removing the moral ability of Aussie students to defend themselves (as they are psychologically “crippled” by a “White Guilt Complex”, and are therefore often unwilling to stand up for themselves in a situation where even defending themselves can bring accusations of “racism”). Call it what you will, but this racist anti-white bullying of Aussies in our schools largely remains unnoticed by the outside world. Other teenagers or young adults may know what I’m talking about, and someone needs to rip the lid off and expose this seeping infection in today’s youth.

As mentioned before with Stephanie Gestier and Jodie Gater, these two troubled teenagers who were bullied into depression, or affected by family problems, are being used to segregate the youth of today. Some youth today are very judgmental, and people are treating each other harshly because they basically disagree with anything (or they get abused even more because of their political beliefs and many youth may know this from experience) and all this spawns violence.

Whatever you call yourself – goth, emo, punk, skinhead, or whatever – you must remember that you, as Australian youth, are the leaders of tomorrow and you are important.

There are many problems for today’s youth and at their age they can be incited by media and teachers, who are all major adult influences outside of the home, and many things need to be exposed, such as relationship problems, teenage pregnancy, the growing drug problem, divorced families, domestic or family violence and others.

Today’s youth have many problems but suicide and separation are not the answer. The teachers may try to brainwash you with their beliefs, so you must stand strong, and hopefully together we can combat the problem of an overwhelming bias of society which is against us on many fronts and maybe one day there will be unity and justice for all.

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