This issue’s front cover

The front cover of this issue of Destiny encompasses several elements. The artist, Neddie Bullock, outlines his interpretation of the cover’s symbolism.

Ned Kelly, being an iconic Aussie larrikin, is in the foreground taking on the might of a Chinese dragon. He appears almost naked as a symbolism for revealing all, in terms of the openness and purity of the Australian People’s opposition to the threats against their nation.

The Chinese dragon is emblematic of the dreaded Yellow Peril of yesteryear and of the looming spectre of Asianisation that faces the Australian nation today. The battle between Ned Kelly and the Asiatic dragon is that of the fair dinkum nationalists versus the “Asian Future” that the Multiculturalists, Globalists and Asianisers are forcing upon Australia.

The expansion of the Australian civilization into the red ochre heart of this continent took the form it did because of where Chamber’s Pillar is. In 1860, after weeks of traversing the featureless dessert, the explorer John MacDouall Stuart sighted the pillar – the only landmark that can be seen for hundreds of miles – here he retook his bearing and headed due north; had he been a few miles either side of this pillar he would never have spotted it. The Pillar was named after James Chambers, who helped financed Stuart’s expeditions.

All the early explorers and settlers, who were amongst the fittest and strongest of our stock, who followed Stuart, looked for the pillar, retook their bearings and some carved their names and date in its soft sandstone.

Chamber’s Pillar can be seen as a needle of the compass of Australian civilization: a white-fella sacred site, placed in the centre of this great continent.

Neddie Bullock

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