Win back Australian jobs: Use common sense to win back Australia’s future

Andrew Guild puts forward some patriotic views on saving Australian jobs and halting the loss of Australian industries to foreign control.

In the past, Australian industries successfully manufactured all sorts of products; clothes, sneakers, even radios, TVs and computers.

However, now many of our manufacturing companies have closed down, are considering closing down, or are in financial trouble.

Why? It’s because Liberal-Labor politicians have been steadily removing the tariff barriers that had – for decades – protected Australian industries against cheap imports.

Losing Australian Jobs to Overseas

Australian industry pays Australian manufacturing workers around $15 – $20 an hour, whilst a Third World country can pay their workers only $1 per hour; in some places as little as 20 or 30 cents an hour. How can Aussie workers compete against that? We can’t – not unless we want to work for $1 an hour too.

Big businesses have been exporting call centre jobs to India – this earns them a few dollars more in profits, but is an economic disaster for our nation. We should be creating jobs at home, not exporting them to foreign lands.

Some companies have even relocated to Asia, to take advantage of the cheap labour available there – and then they import those products into Australia. So, not only does much of Australia’s wealth go overseas to pay for importing goods that we were previously making here, but we also lose jobs, expertise, specialized equipment, machinery, and technological know-how – the loss of all of which has massive long-term negative effects upon Australia.

Losing Australia’s Wealth to Overseas

When products are made in Australia, by an Australian-owned company, the profits stay in Australia.

For example, when an Australian-owned company pays employees wages of $10 million, and makes a profit of $90 million, that $100 million mostly stays in Australia – it is spent in Australian shops and businesses, and thus creates and sustains even more Australian jobs and Australian businesses.

If the company is foreign-owned then local wages and local expenses may stay in Australia, but the millions in profit goes overseas, and creates NO AUSTRALIAN JOBS and NO AUSTRALIAN INDUSTRY.

But even worse is a company which relocates to Asia; in which case that $100 million, which should belong to Australia, is instead sucked into a Third World vortex.

Australian workers who lose their jobs to Third World countries mean nothing to the big multinational corporations who control so much of the world’s trade. They just don’t care about our future – why should they? If they can make profits by destroying Australian jobs and Australian industries, then they will.

And to rub salt into the wound, Liberal-Labor politicians have struck a deal whereby foreign multinational corporations pay little or no tax in Australia, at the same time as they suck billions in profits out of our country.


Trade is important to all national economies, but to kill off your home-grown manufacturing and agricultural industries in the pursuit of foreign trade is criminally irresponsible!

Jobs across Australia are being lost, because the government lets in cheap Third World imports (from Asia, Africa, and South America), made in places where they earn $1 per hour or less.

Industries across Australia are being lost, because businesses are contracting out to Third World manufacturing companies – to take advantage of cheap labour and special Third World deals.

These cheap products are then imported into Australia. We lose Australian jobs because products aren’t being made here; and Australian companies are sent broke because they can’t compete with cheap labour countries – leading to even more job losses.

And the Liberal-Labor politicians have deliberately enabled all this by destroying Australia’s traditional industrial protection – by dismantling the tariff barriers which protected Australian jobs for so long.

Farmers across Australia have been forced to bulldoze their trees into the ground because the government lets in cheap fruit and juice imports from the Third World.

Australia’s national pool of wealth is being drained, because the government is letting foreign companies buy up existing successful Australian businesses, and then decades of Australian-grown profits are channelled overseas.

Losing Australia’s Future to Overseas

True foreign investment is when an overseas company actually invests in Australia by creating a business which we lack here, such as setting up a company to make helicopters.

Buying an existing business creates no real wealth for Australia. Usually, the money is paid out to shareholders who would normally either spend it or reinvest it in another existing business – no new business enterprise is created, yet the nation has just lost a steady turnover of profits – wealth that has been created in Australia is lost to foreign countries, and that draining of wealth continues every year as profits leave the country.

The widespread loss of wealth, machinery, and expertise to foreign countries means that Australia is becoming a poorer, less resourceful, and clueless country; and – as time goes on – we will find it harder and harder to re-establish lost industries from scratch.

Past Prime Minister Bob Hawke, in his rhetoric designed to rid us of industrial protection, used to speak of Australia as needing to become the “clever country”. What a con that was. As if all industrialised countries weren’t intent on becoming “clever” too.

The “clever country” theory – supported by both Liberal and Labor – was basically that Asia would provide us with cheap goods, whilst we would provide them with services in technology, etc. Did they think that Asians are dumb? That even though most Asian countries have Westernised industry and technology, that somehow we were so much cleverer in all things, that they would always come to us for our expertise?

Liberal-Labor have long sought to globalise Australia, to make us a part of a corporatised future where money and people continuously ebb and flow across the globe; a future where borders and nations no longer exist; a future that would, long-term, lead to the death of national and ethnic diversity – a financial and demographic borderless one-world state.

Globalism is a goal sought by nation-killers on both sides of politics (notwithstanding the fact that the terminology of “Left” and “Right” have lost much of their meaningfulness). The “Right” want Globalism so that the world can become the playground of big business, whilst the “Left” want Globalism so that they can merge and destroy the world’s distinct races and nationalities.

Only Protectionists can provide a true alternative to the Brave New World of Liberal-Labor. Only Australian Protectionists have the interests of the Australian People at heart.

We must oppose globalisation to ensure the future of the Australian Nation. The answer to globalisation and the destruction of our nation’s wealth is to strengthen Australia’s economic sovereignty.

This can be achieved by instituting financial policies that will benefit Australia:

• Create tariff barriers to minimise cheap Third World imports, and to thus save Australian jobs and industries.

• Halt the sale of Australian companies to foreign interests.

• Re-establish lost industries, by supporting the return of expertise and technological knowledge.

• Invest in long-term technical and practical know-how by investing in technical schools and trade schools, as well as giving financial incentives to research and development.

With such policies, and the determination to protect our nation, we can win back Australian jobs and Australian industries for the Australian People.

This is an updated and edited version of a paper written by the author in 2006.

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