Letters to Destiny

A breath of fresh air

Many thanks for your fine magazine, Destiny. It is like a breath of fresh air. What perceptive and intelligent writers Darrin Hodges and your other contributors are. Destiny should be mandatory reading in all schools, (we may have to wait some time for this event to happen) & by all who have the ability to think.

The history of nationalistic movements in Australia has a sorry record indeed, and for one very obvious reason. Aussie apathy; they do not want to be “saved”. They know in their heart of hearts that they are being dudded by their two party political masters but the effort to do anything about it is too great, and anyhow the footy finals are coming up. Preferred reading and viewing in the media is about Joe Blow’s groin injury and will he be fit for the finals?

Can anything be done to break down this Aussie “She’ll be alright mate” culture, which is really a cover for apathy? We should try to advertise our point of view and become more vocal. Good luck for the future with Destiny. ~ F. Weston

Fascist Multiculturalists

Now that Kevin Rudd is in government with his band of politically correct Labor Party multiculturalists controlling the federal government as well as every state government, they may well decide to utilize the anti freedom of speech laws brought in to stop criticism of Islam, multiculturalism, and Third World immigration.

Allowing the free flow of opinions and information, particularly of political and social views implacably opposed to the prevailing orthodoxy, is a fundamental pillar of a free society. On the other hand, the suppression of the non-violent exchange of ideas is a characteristic of communist and fascist societies. Which option will Rudd and the Labor Party choose? ~ A. Kruger

Reply: The fact that the Globalists, Multiculturalists and other nation-killers have no care for the values of free speech and free enquiry, and that they use the fascistic value that “might is right” when it comes to dealing with actual opposition to their genocidal world views, demonstrates the fact that Multiculturalism is an intrinsically totalitarian political ideology.

In favour of democracy

The article [in issue 2] on an improved voting system was marvelous! This is the first time in years I have seen some real lateral thinking on how to structurally improve our democracy. To invent a system where we can truly have “one man, one vote, one value” in practice is brilliant. Hopefully it would bring some widespread psychological commitment from the public as the votes of each individual would actually count, compared to now where individual votes are not important.

I had thought that CIR was the only solution to the current mess, but using ANROLV in addition to CIR makes it perfect. If we patriots promote ANROLV-CIR then we can demonstrate that it is we who are the true democrats, rather than the semi-conservative Liberals or the semi-socialist Laborites.

I have shown the article to several friends and they all think it is a great idea. We wish you all the best in promoting this new democracy. ~ B. Crosthwaite

Politically Correct television

Flicking through the TV channels, I came across the “One World” show on Ch. 31 (8th of January 2008), which had a Maori segment called “Whenua”. A triathalon athlete named Danielle was explaining how she once swapped sports from cycling to bodybuilding, choosing the latter because her father was Maori and her mother part-Fijian and she knew both those ethnicities build muscles quickly, so bodybuilding should easily suit her. At no time was she attacked for attributing such an advantage (“superiority”?) on a racial basis.

My question is: Why is it ok to speak publicly about racial differences that exist, if those differences are favourable towards non-Europeans, but not ok to speak about them if they are unfavourable towards the same groups, or – heaven forbid – favourable to Europeans?

I find most people readily accept it if I tell them that studies show that, on average and no matter in which country they are located, East Asians are shown to be 3 IQ points smarter than Europeans, but they become irrationally upset if I tell them Black Africans score much lower. In other words, it is ok to say something “negative” about Europeans or “positive” about Asians and Africans, but really bad to say something “negative” about Asians and Africans or “positive” about Europeans – in fact, it might even be illegal.

This era of Political Correctness is devoted to covering up and suppressing any truths that do not sit well with the establishment’s dominant ideology. Just as the era of anti-intellectualism and anti-freedom that existed hundreds of years ago is now referred to as “the Dark Ages”, our era will no doubt – in the future – be referred to in disparaging terms, perhaps as “the Great Suppression”?

P.S. Just two days later, watching channel 7’s “Sunrise” morning show, the temporary hostess was Politically Corrected when she referred to a well-known plant as a “Black Boy”, as this plant is now apparently called a “Grass Tree”. At least the other host had a sense of humour and called it “The Grass Tree formerly known as Black Boy” (a reference to “The Artist Formerly Known as Prince”).

Now “Black Boy” plants can’t be called Black Boys any more? The all-pervasiveness of Political Correctness into every aspect of our lives has gone way beyond a joke. ~ J. Fowler

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