Protectionists gear up for support

Mark Wilson reports on the 2008 national strategic planning meeting of the Protectionist Party.

The national committee of the Australian Protectionist Party held a national strategic planning meeting over the Australia Day week-end. The meeting took place in a board room in an Adelaide conference centre.

This meeting was the most business-like and professional that I have ever attended in all my years in politics. The agenda was worked through point by point and a plan for the coming year was approved.

The organisers left the meeting with a renewed determination and went home to their various states with a plan to increase activism in every state and to trial several new schemes and strategies. A commitment was made to become the premier patriotic party in Australia before the end of 2008.

Many topics were discussed including the fact that the external circumstances are now extremely favourable for a sensible patriotic party to position ourselves as a realistic alternative to the “tweedle dumb and tweedle dee” of Liberal and Labor.

We believe that the looming recession in the US is going to have a very negative impact here with interest rates rising even further, the stock market steadily losing value, as well as oil prices continually rising; not to forget that the Labor government has not even started its anti-white crusade in Australia yet.

There are going to be a lot of people becoming very unhappy with the way things are going in 2008. In such circumstances we believe that we can make enormous gains by offering a credible alternative to the globalist system that is failing them.

The Australian Protectionist Party is determined to provide a valid and credible alternative to the failures and betrayals of the Liberal-Labor parties.

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