Coming together as One Nation

An interview with Jim Cassidy, the President of One Nation in New South Wales. This continues our series of interviews with people from different political movements and organisations.

1. What motivates you in politics?

The moving offshore of Australian industry via the Lima Agreement under Whitlam started me off, then the sale of the people’s assets – these were the main things.

2. ONP has been criticised before for being too one-dimensional, that it is only interested in elections, what is your response?

There was a media blackout on One Nation across the board, so therefore all the work we did between elections was not reported on. A prominent politician said to us in public that One Nation would not survive because they would not give us any oxygen, which meant we couldn’t get our message out, except using our own limited resources, as we don’t get funding like the major parties.

3. Are you open to the idea of politics outside the ballot box, e.g. demonstrations, local community politics, cultural festivals etc.?

Yes, we are, that’s the only way we can get our message across. Maybe we’ve gone too down the slide to stop privatisation or perhaps its gone too far, but were still trying to get our message across.

4.The question that many want to know is, what is Pauline Hanson’s relationship with One Nation?

She is a separate unit completely from One Nation, as she has formed her own party now.

5. Do you see co-operation between patriots as a way we can all move forward together?

Yes, it’s the only way left for the Australian people now, to do it together. It will have to be a joint effort or it will fail. Otherwise, we will lose our sovereignty and everything associated with our sovereignty.

6. Would you and other ONP officials be interested in attending and being guest speakers at APP meetings?

Yes, we would. We’d be only too pleased to do that.

7. Will ONP be fielding candidates in future elections and would you be open to discuss electoral pacts and preference swaps?

Yes, we will be contesting future elections, as long as we are financially viable, and as long as we have members supporting us. We will do preference swaps, but not with the major parties, because they always put us last anyway.

8. What is your vision for the Australian Nation?

Our vision for Australia is for our nation to have its industry back again, to become self-supporting and not have to rely on other nations for our food or our industry support. If we fail to do this, we will have lost our sovereignty and our country to the multinational corporations that are trying to form a new world government.

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