Conservative patriotism – The new rebellion

Andrew Phillips discusses how youthful rebellion may bring Australia’s young into the fight to save the future of our nation.

Human nature dictates that each generation will in some way rebel against the traditions, values, ideals and social norms held by previous generations. It is considered normal, it’s healthy and facilitates the progress and advancement of human society.

We’ve seen it extensively over the last 30 years. The protests and rebellion so evident in the European upheavals in 1968 where the extreme left had a field day rioting in the streets against the perceived evils of capitalism, the anti-Vietnam War protests, the sexual revolution which apparently liberated women’s bodies, feminism which liberated their minds — all these events and philosophies were eagerly embraced by idealistic youth seeking to either change the world for the better or just rebel against the values of previous generations for the sake of rebellion.

However, exactly what is the gift left to us from their “rebellion”? The Utopia these pampered rebels sought in reality is nothing more than an internationalist society of hedonistic, self-centred, materialistic consumers with little grip on reality and no respect for the wider community.

In their blind quest to tear down the walls of “stifling tradition and conformity”, their obsession with a borderless world and inclusive society which would accept any and all beliefs and practices, they have left us with a world devoid of standards and lacking cohesion.

Drugs which render our greatest asset, humanity, little more than useless have become an accepted social pastime, the sexual liberation so valued by these “rebels” has given rise to the devaluation in both relationships and the institution of marriage- not to mention the legalisation “normalising” perverted sexual practices such as homosexuality and by extension the formation of political parties and organisations representing the “rights” of paedophiles as is witnessed in Holland and the US.

The quest for the borderless international community has given us increased power for the UN and the myriad of international treaties which strip nations of their national sovereignty, free trade agreements resulting in loss of employment and self sufficiency, multiculturalism rending once peaceful homogenous societies apart in an endless litany of affirmative action, race-based crime, institutionalised guilt, national and personal self loathing.

Churches, once the bastion of traditional values are increasingly coming to the realisation they are no longer relevant to this new age society and now prostitute their values in order to appear modern. Acceptance of alien doctrines, multi faith services, homosexual clergy, “God is dead”, “the Resurrection was just a metaphor” — the list could go on and probably will as time goes by.

Such is the cornucopia given to us by the rebels who sought to change the world and remould it in their image. Anything goes, everyone is accepted — except those narrow minded enough to question the New Age wisdom.

It wasn’t until my own children came home from school one day, questioning comments made by classmates on various issues, questioning the dictatorial nature of “harmony day” and other such observances that I came to realise that many of the current generation have been forced to blindly perpetuate the campaign of rebellion continued by the now more mature, but no more wise, social engineers now ensconced in our education system.

However, it is no longer a rebellion — it is now conformity. Our young are to accept everything the former “rebels” created- the inclusive society, accepting of every social, cultural and sexual perversion, questioning anything that demands self control and responsibility, holding no loyalty to nation or identity (unless it’s a sporting team).

They are growing up in a narrow minded and sick society, one which ruthlessly seeks out those unwilling to conform to their very poor standards. The indoctrination starts in the class room and is reinforced by the rubbish peddled in magazines, newspapers and television by nation haters and deviates, backed up by government legislation seeking to silence any dissent and questioning of our current situation.

Having observed my own children, and witnessed those of other nationalists, I have come to realise that “conservative patriotism”, for want of a better phrase, and the defence of traditional values and standards is now indeed the new rebellion.

It is natural for the young to “rebel”, to question. Now, more than ever, it is up to us to instill in our young the importance of national identity, of culture and traditional values, and to give them a sense of pride and a sense of collective responsibility.

By entering the classroom armed with knowledge, a sense of identity and worth, a fierce sense of what is right and the inbuilt need of youth to question the anti national rubbish pushed by the educational sewer, our youth will soon come to realise that conservative values and patriotism is indeed, the New Rebellion.

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