Fighting the bias of the Hard Left

A concerned patriot comments on the need to combat the Australia-haters who are dominating our nation’s institutions, recommending that true blue Aussies become involved in journalism, academia and law.

Despite the collapse of communism in Europe, the hard Left still has a huge amount of power in Australia.

Hard Left people have undergone a religious-type of indoctrination and have a missionary zeal to spread their beliefs.

They are over-represented in the media, teaching and the law. It seems many of them are indoctrinated while at university, their malleable minds being expertly brainwashed by hard Left professors and lecturers. They control our universities and the rule for students is “no PC means no degree”.

They excel in media stunts and demonstrations, it’s said they make nearly all the news. There are far too many hard Left lawyers, judges and magistrates.

They specialise in promoting “politically correct” causes and have a general hatred of Australia with a desire to bring it down. Their standard method of fighting, in footballing terms, is to always play the man and never play the ball.

Aussie nationalists’ arguments are never answered, other than being dismissed as simplistic. Instead, nationalist opponents are insulted and ridiculed and mobbed by demonstrators and thugs.

The hard Left wants to take Australia back to a colonial status with almost no secondary industry – to become just a large quarry and a tourist destination.

They despise free speech and have enacted laws to frighten anyone’s expression of views that counter theirs.

They also demand continual guilt trips from all white heterosexual Aussies, almost all the media requires them to take up their whips for self-flagellation. The suicide rate has probably been increased due to this.

It is high time for Aussie nationalists and the general public to fight the hard Left, by opposing them wherever they rear their ugly heads. Ordinary decent Aussies should be encouraged to take up positions in the media, education and law, to counter the overwhelming dominance by the Leftists, to enable a sense of balance and normality in the raising of young Australians.

It’s up to each and every one of us to do what we can.

[article by AH]

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