Letters to Destiny

Praise from a WW2 digger

Thank you for sending me a copy of your Destiny magazine, and I certainly agree with thoughts expressed therein.

As one who served nearly four years with the Australian 9th division in the Middle East and in New Guinea in the 2nd World War, I and many other RSL members feel completely betrayed by what all Federal Governments have done to this Country over the last fifty years.

It is certainly time to change direction and I hope your A.P.P. can help to bring that about. ~ J. Price

Turks should not be marching on ANZAC Day

It disgusts me to see Turks marching in our Anzac Day parades, representing the Turkish soldiers who fought, wounded and killed Australian and Commonwealth troops during the Gallipoli campaign. Not only should the Turks NOT be marching in Aussie Anzac Day parades, but I have to ask — where will this lead and how long will it go on for?

Will the Japanese be marching one day too? The parade organisers say the Japs won’t be marching, but how long will that policy last, now that this precedent has been set? After all, the Japanese were our “allies” during World War One (although they didn’t contribute much) and during the Chinese Boxer Rebellion in 1900, so they could make their case too.

And where will it stop? One day will all the nations of the world march in our Anzac Day parades? Probably yes, as following this precedent it will happen one country at a time, with different ethnic groups putting the pressure on parade organizers to be included. Anzac Day will become a farce if those who push Multiculturalism get their way.

Since the descendants of soldiers can march, we could be having Turks marching in our Anzac Day parades for ever and ever, as this farce is horribly continued from one Turkish generation to the next — Turkish descendants representing the men who killed our brave Aussie soldiers.

So now we will be “honouring” the Turks who shot our forefathers in the head at Gallipoli, the ones who machine-gunned our troops as they struggled to get onto the shore at Anzac Cove, the mongrels who shot our wounded in no-man’s land.

It is ridiculous for us to have our nation’s enemies marching in the Anzac Day parades that were set up to honour our war dead and our fighting men. This stinks to high heaven. ~ C. Strahan

We are different

I’ve enclosed five dollars for issue three of your magazine. I enjoyed the first two issues and wish you all the best and hope everything is going well.

I imagine you’ve noted the rising amount of crime our African friends are perpetuating in the Australian community. Also the ongoing hostility and ill-feeling the Muslim Arabs generate where ever they go? Perhaps more of our people will be receptive to your/our position.

Overwhelmingly, people’s fear and mistrust of Islam is well-founded and based on current fact and historical precedent. Islam is not a religion as Westerners understand the word. Islam is more than just a “religion”. It is a culture, a complete way of life — and a political movement. We are different. We look different, we act different and we value different things.

Anyway, all the best! Hope numbers are growing. ~ Glenelg Malcontent [name withheld by request]

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