Rudd’s 2020 Summit creates a drought of ideas: Infertile New Class minds leave a barren future for the Australian Nation

Andrew Phillips gives a critique on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s conference to create a 12-year-plan for Australia’s future.

One need not be surprised at the spectacle of the Australian media throwing their weight behind Rudd’s flimsy attempt at populism – the 2020 Summit held in Canberra.

Disregarding the fact that the Summit was neither democratic nor representative (the attendance was heavily weighted in the favour of the Eastern States and not based on percentage of total national population, thereby leaving smaller states under-represented), the Summit had all the necessary gloss, starlets and the obligatory sports idols to keep people with a short-term attention span mildly interested.

Cate Blanchett, Claudia Karvan, Hugh Jackman and James Hird were joined by a plethora of wannabe intelligentsia (labelled Australia’s best and brightest by our all-inclusive PM), all brought together to give our country “a bloody good shake” and determine what kind of direction our nation would take in future.

A Conference for the Elite and other Nation-Killers

A scan of the hall by media cameras indicated to any with eyes to see that this was not a conference for ordinary Australians with real problems and life experiences. Nowhere could one see the presence of retrenched manufacturing workers, drought-stricken farmers, single parents from working class suburbs, those suffering mortgage stress, nor recovered drug addicts and gambling addicts – real problems, real constituents.

There were plenty of university academics, big business types, minority groups (Africans, Hindus, Sikhs and Asians – presumably on permanent business visas?) and special interest groups with their own particular axe to grind – but hell, these are Labor’s new constituency, those who funded the ALP’s return to power, so why wouldn’t they all get front row seats?

Sinophile [China-loving] Rudd found himself in like company with the inclusion of a young Melbourne woman, Louise Merrington. One of Rudd’s chosen few, she is completing a PhD in contemporary Chinese politics and seeks to put a fresh perspective into the foreign policy debate (with particular emphasis on China).

In other words, join Comrade Rudd’s campaign to forge even closer political, economic and immigration ties with Communist China at the expense of our other relationships.

Pushing a Trendy Agenda

The 2020 Summit was, in essence, little more than a self-indulgent gabfest for social engineers and globalists, all at the expense of the long suffering Australian taxpayer.

The results could easily have been predicted without dipping into the public purse, but then again such behaviour would not have been media-friendly.

Obviously the Republic issue was top of the list (being a personal goal of the PM). Despite the reservations expressed by many of the pro-Republic delegates, it was decided the issue be fast-tracked in order to achieve a republic by 2010. Never mind the millions of dollars wasted in the lead-up to the previous referendum while hospital lists grew, schools closed and pensioners scraped by on meagre welfare payments – only to come to the conclusion most Australians regard themselves as independent anyway.

Freedom of choice was dealt another blow with the recommendation that all Australians will be automatically registered to vote once they reach 18, thereby ensuring the major parties once again achieve a flow of votes from even more ill-informed or apathetic first-time voters.

Without open debate, in-depth education and an unbiased media these votes are wasted and serve only to further entrench the current crop of treasonous vipers to the detriment of our nation.

An Aboriginal Treaty?

Affirmative action was pushed to the hilt, with Maxine McKew declaring the national parliament should have 50% female representation (sorry Maxine, but I for one vote on the policies expressed by the candidate not on the gender). Advocates for pseudo-Apartheid, such as W.A.’s Indigenous lobbyist Shirley McPherson, put forward the suggestion that certain parliamentary seats and government positions be held aside for Aboriginals – imagine if someone suggested a similar affirmative action for “white separatists”? All hell would break loose.

Not to mention the old hoary chestnut – a treaty with indigenous Australia. Exactly which one of the estimated 300 odd “indigenous nations” would represent the Aboriginal people? Do we have 300 different treaties? Who is classified as being Aboriginal enough to be covered by the treaty?

Centralisation, another goal held close to heart by dictators and megalomaniacs alike, was given a healthy airing. Suggestions that the states be abolished and replaced with regional governments were brought forward. A fine idea if the regional authorities are community-based and not merely the sock puppets of urban-centric socialists in the ACT dictating policy as they link their influence to funding.

An indication the powers that be envisage us heading down the American road was the suggestion of “superannuation like” schemes which would enable Australians to cover the costs of education and health issues. Most ordinary Australians I know are hard-pressed covering the mortgage, paying bills, food for the family and – if they’re really doing well – private health insurance, without having to find money to contribute to a new education fund and another health fund.

Never mind, we’re assured that people arriving from overseas would probably receive some money to put into the account…..

The one surprise emanating from the snuffling in the trough was the suggestion that Australia’s tax system be overhauled, with the possible introduction of a “Flat Tax”. One can imagine Joh Bjelke Petersen turning over in his grave and One Nation stalwarts rolling their eyes at that one. Remember all the ridicule thrown at One Nation when they put forward the suggestion of a Flat Tax? How times have changed.

At the end of the Summit, the photos were taken, self-congratulatory smiles and hand shakes were seen all around, and a nice little folder was handed to a beaming Prime Minister with the declaration that the show had been a raging success.

However, in reality, it was little more than the crowing of the new elite. We were informed that the Multiculturalism that supposedly has taken such a battering over the last few years will now be given the “recognition it is due” and put back on track, by a representative of the Ethnic Communities Council.

No-one has heard of ways to stop the flood of manufacturing operations to the Third World resulting in the loss of Australian jobs, no-one discussed the assault on our farmers’ livelihoods – the exploitation by the two major retailers, the threat of lowered quarantine regulations to meet the international trade obligations and the burden of cheap imports.

K.Rudd’s 2020 vision shows blind leadership

When one discusses the future of our country, one must discuss the issue of immigration and so-called Multiculturalism. Where were the topics surrounding the incompatibility of Islam in a Western nation, the victims of crime committed by animals indulging in gang rape – simply because the victim was not a Moslem, thereby making her a “slut” in the eyes of the perpetrators?

No, in this self-indulgent talkfest, the “rights” and bugbears of every minority group appear to have been given an airing. Every pompous, self-absorbed academic with a barrow to push and armed to the hilt with a healthy dose of intellectual snobbery was given a suitable hearing on their vision of a future Australia.

For real Australians, the manufacturing worker walking out of his factory for the last time and returning to his home in the mortgage belt, the farmer looking out over his lands knowing he could lose his children’s birthright due to cheap imports and pressure from the banks, the pensioner unable to pay the exorbitant power bills sent to them by a foreign-owned power company, the Australian school girl robbed of her innocence because she does not wear a burkha, or the mother assaulted by African gangs – the 2020 Summit is seen for what it really is.

Rudd has declared “I have a simple view. Without a vision, the people do perish”.

We agree, but that vision must be the right one, the moral one – the one that protects the interests of the Australian people and those of future generations.

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