Some thoughts on the Second World War and after

Jim Price discusses the reasons why so many Australians joined up to fight during World War Two.

When we enlisted for service most of us thought the main reason for going to the war was to defend the British Empire, our independence, our sovereignty, our way of life, and to keep our people predominately one race of people in the main commonwealth countries.

We did not go to see our countries become multi cultural through immigration from all countries of the world.

How wrong we were has become clear to me as time has gone by. We won the battles on the field but have lost the peace. Remember the slogan “No more war”.

The war had a different outcome than what we ever imagined. The British Empire is now but a shadow of its former power and status, and Communism has enslaved many peoples and countries of the world, past and present. Particularly the Asian and African peoples. Just think of what has happened in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) to prove that. It brought into existence the state of Israel in Palestine which is the cause of so many of the problems in that part of the world.

Worst of all, since the 1950s, so many of our politicians from commonwealth countries and America, have been at the forefront of helping to bring this about.

Because of immigration from so many different countries and races of the world we may in the future be in danger of becoming a minority in our own country. You only have to visit the capitals and main cities of the world to witness that, whether it’s in England, Canada, America or Australia. In the state of California in America, whites are now the minority at 47%.

Here in Australia we are now being governed by over 2,000 United Nation Treaties signed into law by our own Government. Many of these treaties now override our own laws which have been altered to comply with the terms of those treaties.

Since England joined the Common Market in 1976 many of the United Kingdom’s old laws and customs now come into conflict with the EEU Roman Laws, and it is the EEU Laws and directives which are superior and must be obeyed. The basis of Roman law is that you are guilty and must prove your innocence. Our common law, which is based upon custom, tradition and precedence – with the influence of Christianity, is the opposite.

If England finally accepts monetary union with the Euro as its money system, it will become just another State or Province of the EEU and the Monarchy will become no longer relevant to its needs, and we in Australia become a Republic by default.

Many of our politicians, past and present, support the concept of “Globalization” or in other words “One World Government”.

They are international in outlook not national. Even John Howard, our past Prime Minister, has stated “The human face of globalisation in 2020 will be increasingly Asian and middle class – as our region becomes the epicentre of history’s first truly global middle class. It will be a world of intense competition for markets and for global talent. Australia must work hard to earn our place in a fiercely competitive global economy.

One prominent leader in America, James Paul Warburg, stated in 1950 “We shall have world government, whether or not we like it. The question is only whether world government will be achieved by consent or by conquest”.

Perhaps I can best sum it up in the following verse:
If treason prospers, what’s the reason?
For if treason prospers, none dare call it treason

I, like the majority of ex-servicemen, feel completely betrayed by what is happening to our country. I’ve heard it asked many times at RSL gatherings: “Why did our mates have to die for this? They may as well have stayed at home”.

I guess the above is the reason I have always been interested in politics and world events and why I have read so many books to help gain knowledge of why things happen and who are the movers and planners behind the scenes.

I have also read many books based on the Bible and its prophetic message from many thoughtful writers and I sincerely believe there is a higher authority than man and his ambitions to bring about a world government. In the end, it is God’s will that will prevail, not mans.

I think the answer to our problems lies in our people getting back to Christian values and obeying the Laws of God, then we will have peace and prosperity as He promised.

Jim Price served with the 2/23 Battalion in the 9th Australian Division and saw service in Tobruk, Syria, Palestine, and New Guinea.

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