Why I joined the Protectionists

Terrence Odgers lays out his reasons for becoming involved in a political movement to win back Australia and protect the Australian way of life.

It is with deep concern as a 56 year old male citizen of this great country that I present this article and although I do not pretend to speak for the majority of my fellow countrymen I do believe a vast number would agree with me.

Our nation is in peril! Not from invasion by a brutally ruthless army and not from extinction by an out of control asteroid but from within by certain minorities inside our own population and by successive state and federal governments who no longer believe that the predominately Anglo-Saxon-European population should be the standard for what this country has stood for since 1901.

Successive federal governments since the early 1970’s have seen fit, without consulting Australians, to dismantle a policy which guaranteed our very survival as a distinctive race within the area called Oceania. That policy was called the White Australia policy. That policy for over seventy years enabled us to develop our own Australian culture. A culture that is unique in this world.

But what is culture I hear you ask? Culture may be defined as a group or society that share a background based on a system of beliefs or ideals while sharing a common purpose in life. Our culture is derived from the Christian religion which has given us our strong sense of morality and human values.

Australia, as part of Western civilization, is a leading light amid the tyrannical, despotic and ideological hell that some nations in the modern world still are. Australia is known throughout the world for its generosity and assistance toward those within our region who from time to time require help. Some of our near neighbors rely on Australian aid via military and fiscal support to overcome short term problems. To a lesser extent we are also known for our military prowess and capability during times when we need to flex our muscles.

Let me say here that I am not a racist and am not against other races so long as they reside in their own countries. I am for the protection of the White Australian, the Aboriginal Australian and those others who have firm roots in this country through second and third generations which do not have a criminal history and have made an effort to assimilate. Let me also add that I have always been of the firm belief that mixture of races within one nation does not work. One does not have far to look to verify this as there are many examples around the world, Britain being a standout in this regard.

You the reader then must ask this question if you are still uneasy with this ideology. Why is it that only White-dominated Western countries are permitting mass immigration, and on scales which boggle the mind, into their societies from Third World countries whose populations have a penchant for all types of human abuses borne from ignorance and ideological pursuits?

Our country cannot afford to import any more immigrants who do not readily fit into our society. One only has to be alert to daily media items to pick up on the fact that there are ethnic tensions within our major cities from minority groups who, for one reason or another, will not fit in with the rest of us. You may also notice that it is usually these troublesome minorities who demand their “rights” and scream “Racist!” when they are slow in coming. Even tiny New Zealand now has a small Muslim population which is beginning to present problems.

Of course there are the apologists and do gooders from the Left of society who champion the minorities and tell us that it is because there is no infrastructure to support the immigrants that cause the problems. I say to those who peddle this line of argument: that there was very basic infrastructure in place for the Greek, Italian, Yugoslavian and even the British migrants who came to this country after World War 2. Those people did not demand anything from their new country but got stuck in and prospered.

We now have a government-sponsored industry rooted in immigration which is overseen by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission. Amongst other silly practices, which I will get to later in another article, this commission squanders millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money every year by employing “Human Rights” lawyers to champion refugees who arrive here illegally. Not only is this practice a huge money wasting exercise which sends the wrong signals to all Third World countries, it is also a National Security Risk in that it has allegedly allowed several persons with terrorist connections to slip in on refugee status.

The Howard government placed all illegals off shore to Nauru. It now seems likely with the new Rudd socialist government that immigration will revert back to the idiotic practices that John Howard halted.

If this is to be the agenda for the next six years, and I say this because it is unlikely that Rudd will be voted out after his first term, then all who consider themselves Australians will be on the endangered species list — having been placed there by a government which is about to accelerate the immigration of more Muslims into this country.

The Western world now faces an enemy that has been waiting since the siege of Vienna on SEPTEMBER 11, 1683, to get to where it is now — with a vast number of its followers entrenched within most European countries. The enemy of course is the Jihadis or Islamist extremists. Do not forget that Europe’s enemy is also our enemy.

Our enemy has been permitted to flourish within Europe under the benign rule of Multiculturalism. In fact, so entrenched is our enemy in European Institutions that Europe is now referred to, amongst some thinkers of the world, as Eurabia. Our enemy is also poised to overtake Pakistan and so fearful is the United States government of this outcome that the Pakistani military has been urged to make safe their nuclear arsenal. Whether the Pakistani military will heed America’s warning remains to be seen.

There is also serious concern for the French nuclear arsenal and how it could be contained if France becomes an Islamic Republic. Some observers are saying “when”, not “if”!

Our enemy pretends to live side by side with us peacefully while he is taking advantage and subverting our tolerance of his very intolerable culture.

Legislation aimed squarely against the majority ethnic populations of all Western nations via Political Correctness has enabled our enemy to take the moral high ground by screaming “racist” or “discrimination” whenever he is confronted with opposition to his agenda. A fact little appreciated by our lawmakers is that extremist Islam and Nazism both share a common goal, the elimination of the Jews!

Recent history has shown that our enemy forms enclaves within large cities all over the world and refuses to assimilate into the host nation’s society. Our enemy buys up property to build mosques with money from rich Arab nations, then it is alleged that many Muslims move into the area and thus “take over” whole suburbs. Eventually, in this country, this could lead them to take over a whole town such as Camden in New South Wales whose citizens are currently protesting a move to build an Islamic school there. This school would be large enough to accommodate 1200 students and would place a huge burden on this tiny town.

It is blatantly obvious to any thinking person of the agenda here of our enemy. Mosques are built where extremists can preach to followers about the evils of mainstream Australian society which are to be avoided at all costs! Sermons are even conducted at some of these venues inciting racial hatred and killing of the infidel by invoking Jihad. To witness this blatantly racist and pathological diatribe one only has to covertly visit some mosques or log onto some Muslim websites.

Legislation which permits this subversion of our society to continue without opposition has set a very dangerous precedent and needs to be repealed. This legislation effectively gags a logical and common sense approach as to how we should confront this situation. It has driven a very large wedge between mainstream society and the Islamic extremists — which is at present to their advantage. Our enemy is now so blatantly publicizing his intentions within this country that it is now concerning and worrying more and more people in mainstream Australia.

But how has this been allowed to happen? Through legislation it is now taboo to call a spade a spade between peoples and cultures. We are now forced to ignore the obvious differences between peoples and cultures for the sake of the delusional concept of Political Correctness and Multiculturalism. Not only is this concept grossly dishonest, it has come to the point of being destructive to our Australian culture! Many people have also expressed this concern to me.

I was raised to always speak the truth. I learnt at school that there were differences between cultures —and that not all cultures aspired to Western style democracy! Western democracy has its roots in ancient Greece and Rome. Their ancient laws form the basis or our laws. We, as a civilization, have flourished because we threw away the shackles of religion which were hindering our advancement. Western civilization is still, at this time, the leading light of the world and we Australians have still got a lot to fight for! Our current Political Correctness and Multiculturalism laws are hampering our struggle and assisting our enemy. This needs to change!

Islam is a religious/political/social ideology, not just a religion. Most Westerners make the mistake of believing that Islam will be led into some kind of reformation in the not too distant future. This will not happen because Islam is not divisible and one part cannot exist without the other — according to the Koran, which effectively suppresses any negotiation.

It is, in effect, a whole way of life for nearly half of the world’s population. Its ideology is rooted in Sharia Law, which is medieval in its outlook and practice. Muhammed is regarded as Allah’s messenger and therefore his word is taken literally as the word of God. The Koran is the history and teaching of Muhammed, which also describes Muhammed as the leading example of man which all men should follow.

A conservative estimate has now put the number of radicalized Muslims at over 300 million! A large number of those radicalized Muslims reside in Western countries, including Australia, and are stirring up Jihad amongst the moderate Muslim communities.

While the West has divorced itself from religion with the Reformation, which enabled us to progress to where we are now, Islam has stagnated in the ninth century and has not progressed ideologically since. Yet we have within our own society the apologists, who in some cases are in charge of institutions and government, actively supporting the chipping away of our national values for the sake of placating an intolerant and militant ideology.

This silliness has to stop and mainstream Australian values have to be adhered to by incoming minority groups or in a very short time we will lose our identity. I certainly have no desire to go back down the time tunnel to the ninth century — which is where we are all headed unless we act now!

We are at a crossroads in our evolution as a nation. It is imperative that we choose the right road to travel on. We do not wish to travel the same road that Europe has done.

Lately, we as a nation have been too trusting and naive with those we have installed as our elected representatives. We have taken our eyes off the ball over the years and have become blasé about not having enough checks and balances in place to safeguard our liberties.

According to the Australian Constitution, immigration is the federal government’s preserve. In the past, this was an area which had not greatly affected mainstream society due to the limited admissions and rigorous selection process which was in place at the time. Most Australians have not been too interested, until recently, about who was settling here. That has all changed now and so has the world.

Successive federal governments since the mid-1970s have paid scant attention to just who was coming into this country and to the political baggage they were carrying with them. It is due to myopic and ignorant policies and lack of public input that we now have the problem we have with the small minority within our midst which follow militant Islam.

Muslims are the only minority group ever admitted to this country that has consistently demanded special rights and privileges under our Multicultural laws. That their ‘special needs’ have to be met at the expense of the majority non-Muslim population is stupid and foolhardy. Catering to the minority at the expense of the majority, while it may look good on paper, is setting dangerous precedents. This reverse discrimination causes animosity and dissension amongst non-Muslims who see it for what it is, the refusal of the majority Muslims to work in with and to assimilate into mainstream society. Why, they even have their own mouthpieces to peddle their propaganda when things don’t seem to be going their way. And why do they gather in enclaves and take over whole suburbs? Because, quite simply, their culture is not compatible with mainstream Australia. Resentment to this obvious snub is snowballing and is just one of the many reasons we have already had in this country a large riot.

Civil unrest will gradually become worse and more violent and because neither side is willing to give up their lifestyle we may even get to have some form of a civil war! Minority groups must be made to toe the line like the rest of mainstream Australia is doing, otherwise resentment is just going to spiral out of control.

We are also faced with the fact that the general Muslim population is very silent when it comes to condemning terrorism. While there are undoubtedly moderate Muslims living within our society it must be of concern to thinking Australians that after 9/11 happened we heard little from them. There has been no widespread condemnation by the so-called moderates of the most horrific terrorist act the world has ever seen.

And again, after the first and second Bali bombings which claimed a number of our citizens, there was still no condemnation. This inaction by the moderates, which is still occurring today, must be seen for what it is, which is silent complicity.

There have been to date almost 10,500 acts of terrorism committed by Islamic extremists worldwide since 9/11. THAT’S TEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED! Yet not a word from moderate Muslims. Meanwhile, Western governments all around the globe are still willing to repeat the lie from mainstream Islam, that Islam is “a religion of peace”. A little-known fact is that nearly all of the current hotspots around the world are due to sectarian clashes between followers of Islam and some other ideology or religion.

The moderate Muslim population can stage a protest when it suits them and this can be evidenced from the huge numbers that protested the invasion of Iraq in 2003. It did not go unnoticed by bystanders watching the marchers in Sydney and Melbourne that, while it was mainly peaceful with only a few shop windows broken, some of the placards displayed were decidedly hateful and incitive against the West. Yet not one of the placard-wielding demonstrators was arrested or even cautioned! Try doing that in Martin Place as a white Australian!

Australia, like most of the Western world, is now living in an age of Unreason. No longer are we able to publicly speak out about anything that may have a racial or religious tone to it. We are now seeing the effects of this intellectual/political stupidity in our own country. Never in our history as a sovereign nation was there ever a riot like the one that occurred at Cronulla in 2005. No minority in the history of immigration to this country since 1901, has caused so much tension and unease as those that practice Islam. But the powers that be labeled it a “race riot”, not wishing to proclaim the obvious truth that it was primarily a culture clash between Western and Islamic youths.

Free expression has been a cornerstone of Western democracy and has been taken for granted by successive generations in this country. Successive federal governments since the 1970s have seen fit to erode our freedom of expression to the detriment of the majority population.

Multiculturalism has been foisted onto us under the premise that all people are basically the same and are driven by the same general motivations. This assumption is pure intellectual mumbo jumbo. We have been coerced into believing the ludicrous idea that all peoples and all nations are operating under the same precepts of universal justice and morality. The only difference, we are continually told, between us as Australians, and others as minorities, is their unique customs and rituals. To any worldly person this is blatantly false! Successive world wars, and other minor clashes since then, have been fought due to cultural differences! Our biggest challenge to our way of life that we have ever had to face, and is now within our midst, is due to huge cultural differences!

Europe is now in the cloud cuckoo land of its own self-delusional propaganda. No mainstream media there reports the latest riots in France, Belgium and other low countries for what they are, ethnic and sectarian clashes between cultures, or to put it plainly, between the West and Islam! I am fearful we will soon follow their path unless we start calling a spade a spade.

Since 9/11 a number of Islamist terrorist organizations have declared war on us. They have repeatedly made plain their intention of conquering the West and nobody in power anywhere in the West takes the threat seriously. We still get the same old delusion from the politicians that “Islam is a religion of peace”.

Recently, the Iranian President, in keeping with Muhammed’s dictum, that prior to going to war with the infidel you must first invite them to convert to Islam, sent a letter to the US President inviting him and his countrymen to convert to Islam. If the American president knew just exactly what this invitation meant he hasn’t let on. That Hitler from the Middle East, Bin Laden, has also offered this invitation to the American President. To those of you who are ignorant on this score it simply means that if all invited nations converted to Islam then all terrorist acts against those countries would cease forthwith. It may interest you to know that no such invitation has been sent to the Israeli Prime Minister. The invitations to convert have not been accepted, so now the Islamists move onto the next level of conquering the West which will be by using whatever means necessary, and that may include nuclear as well as biological weapons, until they subjugate all surviving infidel into the dhimmi class.

In effect, those of us that survive their Jihad then become second class citizens to the Islamists and do not enjoy the same privileges as that afforded to ordinary Muslims. Those peoples who will not or cannot support Islam — due to their ethnicity such as Jews, etc., or for other reasons — are then to be slaughtered like cattle. We are in a non-negotiable war with an ideology that will not give way to treaty or reasonable dialogue.

When one studies the Islamic way of Jihad it soon becomes obvious that only when the forces of Islam are weak will our enemy parley for peace. And what must be understood here is that peace in their terms must only be for a period of ten years. This period of peace then allows our enemy to reorganize and build up his forces again to the point where he can continue the war! Islam is divided into two houses, one is the house of Islam where all believers enjoy the protection of that ideology. The other is the house of War where the non-believers dwell and are therefore, according to the Koran, subject to conquering. This is their ideology!

All Western countries have significant Muslim populations who are keeping mum on terrorism and not telling us what we would like to hear and that is that they are against any form of terrorism. We are, in effect, in World War 3 which no one in government seems willing to talk about. Oh, there is the “war on terror”, but what is that? It’s just a mere sideshow. The real fight is at home here, in our own country!

What will it take for the powers to be, to finally wake up to the threat that we are facing in our own backyard, let alone in our neighboring countries?

Recently, eighteen suspects from Muslim communities were arrested in Sydney and Melbourne. They were allegedly planning a large scale terror attack on Australian soil. Most people would say, “That’s great, we got them before they got us!” Yes, it was good to get them locked up — but when they finally get to court it’s going to take nearly two years convict them! Is this any way to run a war? I tell people that locking up the would-be terrorist does not stop future terrorists from stepping onto the martyr’s plate. For every terrorist arrested there is his support network, such as social, religious, financial, family, planning, weapons and targets. All those people who helped get the terrorists into the final planning stages are still out there in the enclaves of Sydney and Melbourne, actively recruiting more terrorists.

This is scary! And what is our government doing about it, apart from the usual surveillance of suspects? Are they halting all Muslim immigration as should be done? We need to shed our one-sided legislation now if we are to maintain the upper hand in this war.

Western governments are letting all of us down in not going after the root of the problem, which is the rich Arab countries. These countries not only supply unlimited amounts of money to fundamentalist Islamic causes all over the world, but are also sending out their radical Islamic preachers to incite local populations to Jihad.

Western authors and investigative journalists who have dared to be critical of these regimes, are being silenced one-by-one by courts in their own lands through litigation, which is supported by the lunacy of Multicultural/Politically Correct laws.

It would do all Western governments well to heed a very wise saying from an ancient military strategist: “To win a war you must first know your enemy”. Hands up those in government and positions of authority who really know all there is to know about Islam?

I have no desire to convert to Islam nor do I desire to be one of the dhimmi class in my own country. I wasn’t born an Australian to calmly sit back and watch as a fanatical ideology, which flourishes under idiotic Political Correctness laws, chips away at our society for its own evil purpose and prepares to push its brand of God on us.

I can imagine all those young men that lost their lives in New Guinea and other theatres in the Second World War are turning in their graves at what is happening in our country. I can’t even imagine what is going on in the minds of the surviving veterans of World War Two, Korea, Malaya, Borneo and Vietnam.

I have seen first hand what it is like to have to deal with young Muslim men who have been raised to believe that all Westerners are kaffir, that kaffir women are to be used as seen fit by them, and that the property of the kaffir is fair game because they are unbelievers so therefore stealing their property is Allah’s will.

This kind of mentality has been allowed to continue and to prosper and has not been countered by successive governments who are charged with keeping mainstream society on track. Our enemy, via legislation, has been allowed to take advantage of our tolerant society and is, like a cancer, continuing to grow.

A few years ago, after two infamous trials in which a number of young Muslim men were sentenced to long jail terms for their part in the pack rape and systematic abuse and torture of several young White Australian girls, many people made remarks to the effect that “young Muslim men are a blight on our society”, they were so concerned that they felt moved to comment that something was deeply wrong within Australia.

In the Ashfield gang rapes (committed 2001-2002) as many as eighteen women were indecent assaulted and raped by five Muslim men (including four brothers from one family). The Sydney gang rapes (carried out in 2000) were committed against White Australian girls, mainly teenagers, by a group of up to fourteen men of Lebanese ethnicity led by Bilal Skaf (a further number of gang rapes were said to have been attempted, but were thwarted).

Yet successive governments and bureaucrats have only swept this ingrained criminal attitude, which is fostered by religious ideals and cultural attitudes held by a percentage of young Muslim men, under the carpet, or worse, have blatantly tried to cover up from the general public those comments considered to be adversely racial in nature. This kind of political doublespeak aimed at deluding mainstream society is wrong and should be seen for what it is, a fraudulent policy designed to protect a problematic minority by an elected government. It verges on Treason!

The average Australian citizen is now very wary of what can be stated publicly concerning certain minority groups for fear of being labeled racist, xenophobic or both. Don’t even consider that there maybe a logical and valid reason for them to speak out when they do, just label them all, that usually shuts them up and keeps the peace for the time being!

I remember as a kid going to the Domain in Sydney during the late 1960s and watching people, mostly men, standing on some sort of dais they had taken with them to that place and speak out about whatever was troubling them to passersby or to a crowd which would sometimes gather there. Although they may have been booed or jeered and laughed at, they were exercising their free speech — which is now something you may be arrested for today.

Doesn’t this sound a little like the communism that so many young soldiers died fighting against in Vietnam and other places?!

And now in the 21st century we have in place a system of government that is protecting, by legislation, those that are covertly working to take us over sometime in the near future and subject us all to their brand of Jihad!

Wake up Australia! Its time to call a spade a spade and to say that black is black and white is white! It is time to take back our destiny from those in government who deem to deny it to us through illogical and irrational legislation and an immigration policy which is slowly strangling our nation. Be a fighter and join the APP!

Terrence J. Odgers — Ex Policeman, Ex Soldier, Ex Retail Manager, but by no means Ex Patriot!

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