Letters to Destiny

Which flag?

My local council building flies both the Australian flag and the Aboriginal flag. And there are other government places that do so as well, some even have the Torres Strait Islander flag too.

What I want to know is why do the Aborigines get their own flag? I thought the Australian flag was meant to represent everybody? But apparently not.

And if the Aborigines get their own flag, then will we white Australians get our own flag too? Or would that be considered “racist”? Once again, it seems Aussies are on the receiving end of double standards. ~ N. Perrett

Media degenerates should be stopped

Channel 9 has shown an extreme lack of taste with its screening of a segment called “The Nude Man” (on the comedy show “Balls of Steel”). In this episode they showed a fully unclothed man walking about on the show’s stage, in the street and even in national parks, wandering up to strangers to talk to them, showing full frontal nudity for all unsuspecting viewers to see.

Channel 9 may claim it’s “just comedy”, but just like some episodes of channel 10’s “Big Brother” show, it was just another crass attempt to shock viewers, presumably with the hope of being talked about and thereby gain higher ratings. The tv stations egg each other on, with each televised crass act encouraging the other channels to top it with an even crasser act.

This sort of depravity is totally unnecessary and is symptomatic of a wider decline in society’s moral standards, encouraged by a complicit media.

Some may laugh or scoff and say that I am a wowser. But if that is the case, then why not have full frontal nudity on free-to-air tv 24-7? And why not 24-7 hardcore, homosexual and S&M porn on free-to-air tv too while we’re at it? If you disagree with that suggestion, then I guess you are a wowser too — or maybe, like me, you have decent moral and ethical standards.

In past years, the media have shown several programs in which the participants, in order to win, are encouraged to stab each other in the back. Big Brother, The Biggest Loser, Survivor are some examples. What sort of message is this sending our children? Will they adopt this low moral outlook as children, then as adults?

With so much of our modern culture being created by the entertainment media, should we be surprised when so many of the upcoming generation turn out to be selfish, immoral, crass and nasty?

Much of the blame will fall upon the media, but we, the public, can also be blamed for not having stopped the media degenerates in the first place. ~ J. Slater

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