Quotes of note

“After the threats of prosecution yesterday I thought it was appropriate to tell those that would try and intimidate, bully and threaten us that we are not going to back down. We have a duty to our people, a duty to tell the truth and that is exactly what we are going to do.” ~ Simon Darby, deputy leader of the British National Party (1st February 2008)

“There is no doubt the West is suffering from a dangerous moral disorientation. It is not clear that we value the very idea of the West any more. Enlightenment values such as genuine inquiry and reason, which ought to flow like blood delivering a vibrant pulse to the Western project, have been dislodged by the noxious intruders of unreason and fear… The determination to quash inquiry and reason infiltrates just about every aspect of our lives.” ~ Janet Albrechtsen, newspaper columnist (The Australian, 6th August 2008)

“The wish to preserve one’s own identity and the identity of one’s nation requires no justification and no belief in racial or national superiority any more than the wish to have one’s own children, and to continue one’s own family through them, need be justified or rationalized by a belief that they are superior to the children of others.” ~ Senator Strom Thurmond, debating in the U.S. Senate, 17th September 1965

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