The election of Barack Hussein Obama

Mark Wilson gives his view on the recent US presidential election.

What does the election of Barack Hussein Obama mean for nationalists?

It means a clearly defined enemy, that is what it means. All those conservative patriotic types in America, Europe and Australia who have previously assumed that America was pro-white (on the quiet, of course), because the President was a white man, will now know that America is not pro-white, or pro-western culture.

They will be in the process of re-thinking their position. I think Obama has won the captaincy of the Titanic – Obama and everything he stands for (the coffee-coloured one world idea) is going to be associated with America’s decline.

Does this all mean that American nationalists will rise to power?

Well, not unless they can ditch their current love affair with unpopular extremism (Ku Klux Klan, etc.). If a modern professional sensible nationalist movement can rise out of their current mess, then survival of white Americans as a group is possible.

This moment in history is their chance; however, whether they can wise up and take the opportunity remains to be seen.

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