Water Fuel meetings

Adrian Barnett looks at the public interest now being shown in developing fuel alternatives.

Today most groups that I attend have difficulty retaining enough members to hold regular meetings, however, an exception to this trend is the Water Fuel group.

Starting in a community hall, it was standing room only at the last meeting. As of next month they have moved to bigger premises.

I guess this is not surprising, given that most people are suffering under the ever-increasing fuel prices.

It’s not in the interests of government to reduce fuel prices since the higher the price of petrol the more money they make.

It might surprise some people to learn that there have been alternatives to the petrol-fuelled car since cars were invented. Up until the 1930s, 50% of cars were steam-driven.

There is one car in Melbourne that runs on water; one in Indonesia was shown on TV. There are the compressed air cars that actually “clean” the air that goes through them.

One young guy in South Australia tried to import electric cars into Australia. Customs asked him if they could “borrow” one so they could work out a customs tax for them.

That was over 18 months ago and he’s still waiting for them to work out a tax for it – and so no more have been imported.

All the people who attend these meetings (mostly mechanically-minded men) are very determined to find an alternative to the petrol-driven engine.

A lot of these guys go into their sheds and experiment on trying to create an alternative fuelled car and it’s only a matter of time before they succeed.

We wish them all the best.

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