A social co-operative movement for Nationalists

Mark Wilson from the Australian Protectionist Party lays out an idea for a co-operative patriotic social movement.

Promoting a social movement

The leadership of the Australian Protectionist Party has decided to actively promote the development of a social movement agenda nationwide.

With the deepening financial crisis there is going to be a greater need for patriots to help each other out, in practical ways that make a difference to their day to day lives.

What we are talking about is helping each other with jobs, accommodation, cheap food, etc. There are several projects in operation already in various places around the country, and what APP plans is to help expand these efforts to include every state and territory — and at the same time help to bring together in co-operation as many as possible of all the small patriotic efforts that are currently in existence (usually in isolation of each other).

Co-operation rather than competition

I want to make it clear that we do not seek to dictate to or take over any other group — we only want to help spread the network far and wide and encourage co-operation amongst our fellow patriots. There are other benefits for all those involved, like greater access to each other’s printing facilities, meeting places, and experience and expertise.

The potential is there for the whole movement to become more professional and move forward together; also, if we follow this path, it means that we will be sinking deep roots in our communities and providing a much harder target for our government and its left-wing street allies to attack.

Learning from past mistakes

We must learn the lessons of past failures, that relying on ballot box politics alone is a road to nowhere; we must create a social network involving many groups and numerous projects, and this in turn will create a more solid base for electoral politics.

I believe a movement with no electoral front is doomed to failure here in Australia as much as I believe a political party with no movement supporting it is doomed.

We need both, and we need both to work together, not in competition. In a way, these are simple ideas that should not be difficult to put in place.

There is nothing too demanding in helping a fellow patriot get a job if you are in a position to help; or helping out with accommodation, again if you are in a position to help; or if there is one project in operation already where several patriots put in and buy bulk meat at wholesale prices. I mean, who does not like the sound of reducing your grocery bill?

The biggest challenge I believe is getting people from various groups to work together, because there are some who have been co-opted into the state’s game of keeping us apart so as to neutralise our potential; these people will give you lots of reasons for not working together and they work tirelessly to spread rumours and distrust.

It is time for us to wise up and ignore those who seek to keep us apart, it is time to spread a new doctrine of co-operation across the patriotic scene.

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