Are our politicians aiming for an Asian future?

Andrew Guild reveals that, under the Labor government of Kevin Rudd, Australia is now on the receiving end of the highest amount of immigration from Asia in our country’s history.

The latest annual immigration statistics have revealed that, under Kevin Rudd’s Labor government, Australia has been on the receiving end of the highest number of immigrants from Asia since the foundation of the nation.

In the 2007-2008 financial year 69,640 settlers from Asia came into the country – this figure is an all-time high, being more than that of any previous Labor or Liberal government.

To put it in some perspective: in 1968 immigrants from Asia numbered 13,610, whereas in 2008 this has jumped to almost 70,000. As a proportion of the settler intake, that is a massive increase — from 8% to 47%.

However, the high number of official settler immigrants is only part of the story. Many more immigrants arrive from Asia by other methods, and so do not show up in settler statistics.

Therefore, when we look at the figures released for “Settler Arrivals” it should be realised that these statistics are very much understated, as they do not include a large number of immigrants who enter Australia by the back door, overwhelmingly from Third World sources. This includes people who:

* Arrive on student visas, but who then apply for permanent residency.

* Enter the country on a pretext, such as for a sporting event or on a visitors visa, but then apply for refugee status.

* Are brought into the country as foreign workers, but then become permanent residents.

For Australia, there are several facts to consider:

1) The Asian proportion of the population has dramatically risen. Asians were only 0.43% of the population in 1966 (it was 0.26% in 1947), but reached approx. 10% in 2008.

2) The Asian proportion of the immigration intake has risen from 7.75% in 1968-69 to 46.62% in 2007-08.

3) Our nation is located close to Asia and there are hundreds of millions of people there who are poor and living in Third World conditions who would love to move to Australia with our far better standard of living.

4) Australia’s ruling “elite” is in favour of continuing high levels of immigration and who – for political, economic or ideological reasons – want to enmesh our nation’s future with Asia. They may increase and decrease the immigration intake somewhat, depending on economic conditions, but – whilst it is under their influence – a steady flood of Third World immigration will continue.

When the facts are revealed about the numbers and rates of immigration, it becomes clear that the population of Australia is becoming gradually more and more Asian.

For demographers, the issue of Australia’s population becoming predominantly Asian is not a question of “if” but of “when”. That is, of course, assuming that Australia remains under the current regime of Labor and Liberal politicians. Under a protectionist government, things would be a lot different.

There are those who believe that a steady increase of the number of Asians in Australia is a good thing. However, such an increase would lead inevitably, slowly but surely, to a situation where Australia is overwhelmingly populated by people of Asian ethnicity.

This process of demographic Asianisation began in earnest in the 1960s and 1970s with the dismantling of Australia’s traditional immigration policies; it continued with the opening of many more immigration offices in Asia (and the closing and downgrading of immigration offices in Europe); it was further perpetuated by government policies to bring in large numbers of Asian refugees; and was increased again by the importation of large numbers of foreign workers (mainly from Asia and the Pacific).

High rates of Asian immigration were developed and maintained under the Liberal and Labor regimes of prime ministers Fraser, Hawke, Keating and Howard.

However, with Kevin Rudd at the helm, Australia now has a prime minister who is an open and fervent admirer of China – a prime minister who strongly appears to be ideologically pro-Asia would presumably want to take steps to bring about a predominantly Asian population in Australia.

With Rudd’s proposals for an Asia-Pacific Union (based upon the style of the European Union), including all of the potential immigration changes that would likely accompany such an alliance, and with his utilisation of the foreign workers programme, it is clearly obvious that he is in favour of the Asianisation of Australia, whether he describes it by that name or not — all at the expense of the Aborigines and of those who created the face of Australia that we know today.

Under the non-traditional immigration programme undertaken by both the Liberal and Labor parties, the Aboriginal and European populations of Australia would eventually become insignificant minorities; that is, assuming that they were to survive as distinct peoples at all.

Immigration-driven genocide is just as effective as any other type of genocide; it certainly has the same end result — the destruction of a people’s ethnic and cultural identity.

One can only assume that there exists a clear ideological agenda on the part of some people who cannot stand to see Australia remain as a country populated by people of European origin, who wish to see the end of the Australian People, and who are determined to commit demographic genocide against our People, using Third World immigration.

The replacement of this country’s population with Asians will greatly disadvantage Australia’s Aboriginal population and eventually end their existence. If someone intended to wipe out the Aborigines, then Asianisation would be the way to do it. In today’s Australia, Aborigines have been able to use taxpayer-funded lawyers to win for themselves many “Aborigines only” areas where they are free to practice and promote their own culture and maintain the viability of the existence of their people. However, Asian countries are not well known for their interest in protecting indigenous populations (consider Japan and Tibet) and it could reasonably be expected that things would change for the worse for the Aborigines if Australia succumbs to an “Asian future”.

The question for all true blue Australians is whether or not they are willing to stand up and fight for the future of the Australian People. We must say “No” to the anti-national culture being pushed by politicians and the media. We must band together to fight for the survival of our People.

Otherwise, the alternative is that the generations that come after us will have to grapple with the realities of an Asian-dominated Australia, along with a substantial Black African population and a large number of Muslims, with all of the social problems, increased crime rates and religious dramas that can be expected from such a mix.

Wide-reaching success can be achieved by patriots, as has been shown by examples in other countries.

If you don’t want Australia to become an Asian country (with all that such a future would entail) and you want to protect your people, then now is the time to stand up, join with your fellow patriots and win back Australia!

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