Destiny magazine, issue 6 . . .

Destiny magazine, issue 6

Issue Six Includes:

  • Globalisation – At what price?
    Andrew Phillips discusses the implications of globalisation for Australia and the negative effects of so-called “free trade” agreements.
  • Are our politicians aiming for an Asian future?
    Andrew Guild reveals that, under the Labor government of Kevin Rudd, Australia is now on the receiving end of the highest amount of immigration from Asia in our country’s history.
  • Success can be achieved
    [A look at the successes of various patriotic parties overseas.]
  • The Australian idea
    Robert Fraser commemorates Australia Day 2009, celebrating the 221st anniversary of the birth of the Australian People, by reviewing the life of Arthur Phillip, Australia’s first Governor, and comparing his ideas to those of the Establishment who rule our nation today.
  • The Howard years from a nationalist perspective
    Adrian Barnett reviews The Howard Legacy: Displacement of Traditional Australia from the Professional and Managerial Classes by Dr. Peter Wilkinson.
  • A social co-operative movement for Nationalists
    Mark Wilson from the Australian Protectionist Party lays out an idea for a co-operative patriotic social movement.
  • Quotes of note
    [Quotes on immigration and liberalism in Western societies]
  • On the Path to Nowhere
    Dennis Kastros reviews the movie Pathfinder: The Legend of the Ghost Warrior, a “politically correct” film which is an example of the “white guilt” message so often peddled by film-makers in Hollywood — providing yet another instance of anti-White racism.
  • Red tape by the roll
    Some verse by Brian McRae on the continual interference by governments into the lives of everyday people. An indictment of the modern “nanny state”.
  • The wise dog on the tuckerbox
    Some verse that condemns the way in which so much of Australia has been bought up by foreign interests.
  • The Best from the West
    An interview with Graeme Campbell, past Member of Parliament for Kalgoorlie. During his time in parliament he was often described as the Maverick from Western Australia (although his enemies called him the Pest from the West). This continues our series of interviews, giving readers new information from different political viewpoints.
  • A silly wrong by Billabong
    Andrew Guild criticises the decision of the Billabong clothing company to not use an Australian as its main model for its worldwide advertising campaign.
  • Australia takes a Swan dive
    Darrin Hodges looks at the damage being done to the Australian economy, with our manufacturing resources relocating to Asia and with a government that seems inept at best.
  • Policing issues (part two)
    Terry Odgers continues his discussion on matters of concern regarding the police force and the many problems that stem from a lack of understanding of practical policing issues by the police hierarchy and their political masters in government.
  • Biker rights get run over
    Mark Aldridge puts forward a critical view of some aspects of police operations and warns about “police state” tactics happening in South Australia.
  • Letters to Destiny

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