An Aussie defends his nation

Jason West rises to the defence of the Australian people, relating his personal experiences and giving his “politically incorrect” views on Australian culture.

This was a letter originally published in a local newspaper in Griffith.

The background to the story is that a priest, Father Riley, had been critical of multiculturalism and was subsequently attacked in the media by local then-mayor Dino Zappacosta, who told Riley to keep out of Griffith, an area in New South Wales with a large population of Australians with Italian heritage.

In his letter, Jason West defends O’Reilly and explains the noble character of the Australian people.

I would like to put my two cents worth in on the debate recently over multiculturalism.

Our illustrious leader Dino Zappacosta once stated that tears well up in his eyes when he hands out an Australian citizenship certificate.

Yes, well tears come to my eyes too when I see a photo of II Duce Dino handing out these “passports into the First World”.

Having worked with many of these people who have come to Australia under very dubious circumstances, I have come to realise that the Australian people are being taken for a nation of suckers.

I have never come across so many shifty, sly and cunning scoundrels in my life and I now hold grave fears for Australia’s future.

Unfortunately I can’t enlarge too much on this as I may jeopardise my employment situation.
This leads me to my next point.

One of the big factors driving Third World immigration is to flood the labour market with subservient labour with no real traditions or understanding of union involvement.

Big business just loves this.

That’s why many of our councillors are so pro-multi-culti because they are nothing more than lackeys for some local big business people.

Now back to Il Duce Dino.

Il Duce has said Father Riley isn’t welcome here in Griffith.

Well, I beg to question our leader’s command and I say Father Riley can throw his swag at my place if he needs a place to doss. What do you say to that II Duce Dino? Can I expect a visit from the black shirts?

Il Duce made some comments saying Griffith has come a long way since the 50s and 60s when us Anglo-Saxons ruled the roost. This statement really gets under my goat.

That generation he refers to is possibly one of Australia’s greatest generations.

As youths they endured the deprivations of the great depression.

As adults they put on tin hats, grabbed a rifle and threw Rommel out of North Africa.

They then came back here to the Pacific and pushed the Japs back over the Owen Stanley Ranges in New Guinea.

Then they came home and with no whinging or whining or wanting special treatment or handouts and went straight back to work.

When Arthur Calwell (post-war immigration minister) decided it was time to populate or perish and began a mass European immigration program they supported him. As elderly people in the early 60s, these same people gave the West Indies cricket side a great welcome and send off which blows out of the water any notion that somehow they were racists.

So Il Duce as you can see we all, including you, owe a lot to this Anglo-Australian generation you are so quick to deride. Perhaps you might seek some treatment for your Anglophobia.

Anyway, let’s sum this up quickly.

At the end of the day Italio-Australians and Anglo-Australians are in essence the same people, we just happen to come from a different part of Europe.

Italians have assimilated so well I doubt if many young Italio-Australians would know the difference between Mussolini, tortellini or linguine.

As a matter of fact, all the European people who came here after the war have blended in and helped to build a wonder­fully culturally homogenous (monocultural) nation which is only now starting to be torn apart by multiculturalism.

The sooner this mad multi-culti policy is dismantled the better.

I would call on all Euro-Australians (Australians of European origin) to ignore attempts by people such as Dino Zappacosta to divide Euro-Australians from one another.

Australia is an outpost of European people, civilisation and culture just south of Asia and that is what makes our nation so unique.

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