Fighting for the survival of Australia

Nicholas Folkes speaks out on politics, multiculturalism and the economy.

This article is based upon a speech given at a meeting of the Australian Protectionist Party in Sydney, New South Wales, on 23rd June 2009.

Good evening my fellow Australians, my name is Nicholas Folkes, I live in Sydney, and intend to stand for parliament in the next Federal election. I am a recent member of Australian Protectionist Party and truly believe that the Australian Protectionist Party is the only political party fighting for Australia’s future.

The established political parties, Labor, Liberal and Greens, are all against Australian sovereignty and Australian culture, yet most voters skim over this betrayal of Australia and continue to vote for these vile anti-Australian organisations.

Well, there is no need to vote for these un-Australian parties anymore, as the APP has risen from the ashes to represent true Aussies. It is not worth trying to change the Liberal and Labor parties from within as they are rotten to the core and the only way to represent and protect the electorate is by becoming a member of the APP.

Historically, the Protectionist ideology was an Australian political force at the turn of the 20th century. Its two most prominent leaders were our first two Prime Ministers, Edmund Barton and Alfred Deakin. Our ninth and first Australian-born Governor General, Isaac Isaacs was also elected in 1901. These three statesmen were all proud Australians and produced policies that protected our great nation. These three leaders didn’t believe in multi-culturalism, an open immigration policy supporting Third World immigration, or free trade with Third World nations.

The three main political parties at present take Australians for granted because most of us are suffering from apathy. The “she’ll be right attitude” has to change and Australians need to wake up and realize that if we, the voting public of Australia, don’t do anything now and in the near future we could lose this great nation to the third world masses.

I truly believe that we can win the fight, but we need our fellow Aussies to be pro-active and get involved with the APP.

We are a grassroots organization and will never live in the Canberra Ivory Tower of Chaos that is occupied by the Socialist Left and the Liberal traitors. We respect what the Australian people think and the APP will formulate policy that reflects the wishes of the electorate, instead of the current situation where bad policy is written against the interests of the Australian people.

We want the real Australians to know that the APP is there for them and we will always be contactable to our members. Your opinions and aspirations for this great nation are important to us.

In the past, I had campaigned for the Liberal Party on a state and federal level. I feel betrayed by the Liberals as they continue to support multi-culturalism, Third World immigration and the sell-out of Australia.

When Pauline Hanson was elected, I thought “Finally, an Aussie taking a stand against the evil anti-Australian establishment”. I campaigned for Pauline Hanson too, but unfortunately the Liberal Party organised a witch-hunt against this great woman and the rest is history.

My mother, a White Russian whose family fled to China with thousands of others when the Communists took over and established the USSR, came to Australia in 1952 under one of Menzies’ re-settlement refugee programmes. Her family left China in 1950 as that nation also succumbed to the Communists. The Chinese Government kicked out all foreigners, including hundreds of thousands of Russian refugees, and they lost everything when they left China. They spent the next one and a half years in a refugee camp in the Philippines waiting to be processed before they could come to Australia.

When they finally arrived in this country, my Grandfather was sent to Wagga Wagga for two years, separated from his family to work on the railways to pay for their passage to Australia. How times have changed, the old European migrants and refugees had to repay Australia for their passage (and so they should), but these days the Third World asylum seekers get instant handouts. It is disgusting and completely unfair to the Australian taxpayer.

The word ‘multicultural’ had not been invented when my Mum arrived in Australia; the policy of ‘Assimilation’ was in full swing and these newcomers were called ‘new Australians’ – I really liked that because it meant that they were on their way to becoming Australian. There was diversity, but it was European diversity; they shared the same or similar religious beliefs, believed in the virtues of hard work and shared the dream of building a strong Australia.

The term multiculturalism generally refers to a theory promoting various cultural divisions for the sake of diversity that applies to the demographic make-up of a nation but it doesn’t stop there.

These social engineers in Canberra want multi-culturalism to displace Anglo-Celtic and European people and culture on all levels of society, whether it is at school, in business, in our neighbourhoods, towns and cities. They want division. How on earth can any division be good for the general community?

We are fed this liberal-minded garbage every day; the Labor Fabians want us to celebrate others and their diversity and respect their wish to maintain their different cultures, all at the expense of the Australian taxpayer. I would prefer that my tax dollars go to hospitals, schools, roads, infrastructure and the support of this great nation, instead of giving my hard-earned money away to Third World immigrants.

Most of the advocates of this divisive policy of multi-culturalism are in the media and academia but to the downtrodden Aussie in the street multi-culturalism spells the decline of civilization and eventual death of Australia. But there is hope, it is the Australian people – we need to get politically active and fight for the survival of our culture and people.

We need to stop being so apathetic, we need to get off the bloody couch and let those filthy bogus Australian politicians know that their delusional fallacy based on the ideas that Third World migrants and multi-culturalism add to the economy is a lie and totally unacceptable.

Australia has not benefited from the past 30 years of Third World immigration. In strictly economic terms, the only ones to benefit are migrants and big business and the loser is the Australian worker.

There is overwhelming evidence that large-scale immigration reduces wages and conditions, increases rental prices, over-inflates house prices, increases service charges, clogs our cities and roads, overburdens our infrastructure, and is also responsible for a lot of crime. As Lenin said, “when a lie is told often enough it becomes truth” – Multi-culturalism is a lie, an unworkable policy of hate and injustice against the civilized.

It is our democratic right to stand up and challenge both the Labor and Liberal parties. We wouldn’t have to be involved in politics if both major parties and the Browns (what the “Greens” should really be called) did what was right.

The Liberal and Labor parties have embraced globalization, multi-culturalism and free markets, which have reduced Australia’s standard of living since the mid-1970s. Both Liberal and Labor prior to Gough Whitlam were generally proud and pro-Australian and produced good commonsense Government policies that worked. They have become possessed and intoxicated and act against the wishes of the Australian people.

In past months our media channels have been jammed with the “success” of multi-culturalism in the western suburbs of Sydney. We’ve had Asian gangs fighting with Muslims, many ending up in hospital with stab wounds. Also Indians and Muslims fighting each other in retaliation attacks.

Surely if multi-culturalism created a utopian society which benefited all, wouldn’t we see it? To be completely honest, multi-culturalism is Australia’s biggest mistake; in fact, it is every Western country’s greatest mistake and now we are paying a terrible price.

Years ago John Howard boasted to the Australian public that our Gross Domestic Product had passed AUD$1 trillion. In 2008 for the first time we passed another milestone, this time our gross foreign debt topped AUD$1 trillion (i.e. over $1,000 billion). Australia has one of the highest foreign debts in the world per capita.

In 1976 our foreign debt stood at just AUD$8 billion. We are borrowing at record levels to finance our massive current account deficits. This large foreign debt is a risk to future generations of Australians.

We had a mining boom, but the money was spent on imported goods instead of being spent on infrastructure and rebuilding lost industries. Foreign corporations are continuing to buy up Australia, and these purchases add to our foreign debt servicing and reduce our sovereignty.

In 1970 some 25% of Australia’s workforce was employed in manufacturing; 50 years later, only 10% are employed in manufacturing. This is one of the lowest ratios in the OECD group of nations. In the 2008 financial year only 16.9% of Australian vehicle sales were Australian made.

We used to make almost everything, but due to the lowering of tariffs and the removal of import quotas, coupled with the pressure of low wages in the Asia-Pacific, it is difficult for honest Australian manufacturers to compete with the huddled masses of Asia.

The APP is a Nationalist movement with a Protectionist philosophy, fighting for the survival of the Australian people. The APP stands for the protection of the Australian nation in all aspects. To protect the Australian nation, we believe that we must: Protect our environment, protect our families, protect our freedoms, protect our jobs and industries, protect our people, protect our rural communities, and protect our way of life – so please do your part and become a member of the APP.

As George Orwell said, “In deceitful times, merely telling the truth will be a revolutionary act”. The APP is telling the truth!

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