Identity theft

Jamison Daniels discusses the meaning of ethnic/national identity.

Recently I watched a video on YouTube of a talk given by Andrew Brons MEP to a small gathering of British National Party supporters.

In his talk Mr. Brons shared with his audience his recent experience of having thieves use his credit card details to run up expenses on his account. He was told by his credit card company that he had been the victim of “identity theft”.

He had heard the term “identity theft” before but had never really given it much thought. It occurred to him that while he had indeed been the victim of a rather minor kind of identity theft which had only affected him personally, there was a much more sinister kind of identity theft that has been perpetrated against the indigenous people of Britain for decades now: the theft of their exclusive ethnic and national identity by pro-multiculti, pro-globalisation extremists.

This kind of identity theft is not limited to the British people either; it is also being perpetrated against all the peoples and nations of Europe and against those of European extraction all around the world, Australians included.

While flooding our nation with foreign races and cultures our rulers have sought to redefine what it means to be Australian in such a way as to be all-inclusive and non-discriminatory, even to the point of allowing into our country people whose values are antithetical to our own values and who hate us and everything for which we stand.

Adding insult to injury they then have the nerve to call these people Australians and insist that they’re just as Australian as those of us whose ancestors have been here since colonial times when the Australian nation was born and who helped build this nation and make it what it is today.

The whole thing makes one question what exactly does it mean to be “Australian”? What do our leaders mean when they say it and what do we mean when we say it?

We’ll get back to these questions in a moment but first a short story of a conversation I had recently with my partner.

I had been thinking about what exactly it meant to have an exclusive ethnic identity and some questions had formed themselves inside my head. I often like to bounce ideas off my partner to help me organise my own thoughts and so I ran my questions by her, which went along the lines of:

“Do you think that if I decided I wanted to become a Dakota Indian, and if the Dakota people themselves (or at least some of them) would allow me to become one of them, and if I were to live among them and dress like them, speak their language and try to act like them in every way, marry one of their women and have mixed-race children with them, in short, if I were to take their ethnic identity and try to make it my own, would that not cheapen and trivialise what it meant to be a Dakota Indian? Wouldn’t I be insulting the Dakota people by insisting that I’m exactly like them and that they’re no more Dakota than I and my mixed-race children are? Wouldn’t I also be insulting my own ancestors by rejecting the identity that they had passed on to me as an inheritance?”

Her answer to these questions was basically that it would indeed cheapen and trivialise what it meant to be a Dakota Indian if I, a white Australian, were to be allowed to become one; and that yes, any Dakota Indian with love and respect for his own people and heritage would and should feel insulted were this to be allowed; and that yes, I would be insulting my own ancestors by rejecting the identity I had inherited from them. I must say I believe she answered correctly. I would basically be committing identity theft and would be stealing something much more precious than a few dollars here or there on someone’s credit card, and any Dakota Indian with his head screwed on the right way should feel outraged about it.

However, when our pro-multiculti, pro-globalisation rulers perpetrate this very same insidious kind of identity theft against us we are expected to not only tolerate it, we are expected to celebrate it to boot!

Getting back to the question of what it means to be Australian, for us as Australian nationalists the term can have only one meaning: “Australian” is a term which denotes an exclusive ethnic/national identity which is our own identity.

By inviting members of foreign races and cultures into our midst and then insisting they be considered just as ethnically Australian as we ourselves our rulers steal that identity from us and give it away to foreigners.

Our rulers think that by giving some people a citizenship test, and a piece of paper at the end of it, they magically turn them into Australians, as though our ethnicity and our nation were just some social club open to anyone interested in joining.

Australia is a nation founded by and for people of European descent. By falsely declaring our ethnic and national identity to be all-inclusive and non-discriminatory, the multiculturalists are trying to make the term “Australian” no longer mean anything, in the same way that “milk” no longer means anything the moment you start mixing it with orange juice and Dr Pepper.

This is not about hating people of other races and ethnicities, this is about asserting our right to an exclusive ethnic/national identity of our own.

It is our duty as Australian nationalists to not allow our traitorous overlords to steal our exclusive ethnic/national identity from us. Just as we inherited it from our forefathers, we must reclaim it so as to pass it on to our own posterity.

We must draw the distinction clearly and insist on it; an Arab, an Asian, a Negro, etc. may be civically Australian but they are not and can never be ethnically Australian.

The Aborigines likewise are civically Australian but have an exclusive ethnic identity which extends back to the time before the arrival of Europeans on this continent. It is this older tribal ethnic identity that they need to rediscover if they hope to find self-respect and a sense of belonging, rather than trying to assume an ethnic identity that was never intended for them.

As the biblical writer said, “Drink water from your own cistern, running water from your own well” (Proverbs 5:15).

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