Policing and ideology

Terrence Odgers discusses the new police teaching methods and the ideology upon which they are based, with the resultant impact upon modern society.

This item was written as a reply to a comment in this issue’s Letters section. However, due to its length, it has been included here as an article. Part Three of Mr. Odger’s commentary on policing issues is now scheduled to appear in issue 8 of Destiny.

This short essay is a response to a comment received from Peter Ivanoff who is the Acting Senior Lecturer at the Goulburn Police College. He has presented some criticism regarding my personal opinion in an article, Policing Issues, which has appeared in previous issues of Destiny magazine. In his comment, Mr. Ivanoff took some exception to my ‘continued lambasting of the efforts of those who work and teach in the NSW Police College’.

Mr Ivanoff’s main complaint seems to be the lambasting of the efforts (personal?) of the staff at the college. My criticism by referring to an ‘airy fairy attitude’, is more to do with the curriculum at the college and its agenda, rather than any personal ‘lambasting’. To provide a detailed response to his concerns and to what I consider is the indoctrination into liberal progressive ideology, which is required learning for a pass at the college, would require a lengthy essay on my part.

I have instead chosen to simply present in a very narrow way, an opinion based on my perceptions while training there in 1997. I also rely on comments made to me by those probationary constables that I consider it a privilege to have mentored over the years, and whose thoughts about training at the college were made known to me. In short, my article has been based on what I have garnered from various police officers over time and from personal experience.

It has been 12 years since I attended the then NSW Police Academy (I wonder why it was changed to College?) so it would be presumptuous of me to know exactly what is now being taught within a university-type institution. However, having said that, I am also under no illusion as to how the liberal progressives have taken control of all of our teaching institutions, including the police college.

While I am vaguely aware of the subjects students are now being indoctrinated with, I am nevertheless acutely aware of the core contents. Moral Equivalency, Relativism and Pluralism are at the core of education today and pushing a leftist point of view is now the only guarantee of getting that diploma.

This kind of ‘one way street education’ has no place in a ‘modern’ police force as it has a tendency to blind those it indoctrinates into discarding their common sense values and accepting blatantly false principles based on ‘airy fairy’ theories.

Those moral principles which have enabled Western Civilization to become a leading light of the world are now being sacrificed on the altar of Globalization, Multiculturalism and ‘Human Rights’.

These are theories, I might add, which are only practiced by Western cultures and are paid little attention to by the rest of the world. Theories by which practice, are rapidly leading us to our own decline as nation states within Western Civilisation.

Under Multicultural guises and ‘Human Rights’ issues, policing today has become a minefield of how not to treat different cultures, and to appreciate the various cultural views of policing in general. This is stupidity on a grand scale!

How is a host society to the many and varied cultures now living here, expected to maintain an overall social cohesion if it is incumbent on the host society to treat individual ethnic groups differently?

How do the police maintain any semblance of order and respect when those cultures that are treated differently are then deemed to be favored above the host society such as the followers of the ‘religion of peace’?

We now have living here as ‘immigrants’, along with an ever increasing number of ‘asylum seekers’, people from those cultures that follow Islam. Anyone who has actually studied Islam with any impartiality cannot fail to appreciate that this so-called ‘religion’ is in fact a very regressive and militant ideology.

Islam is an ideology that is inherently dangerous to those nations, as history repeatedly shows, that have allowed large numbers of its followers to settle amongst them, and in this regard modern Lebanon may be considered as a prime example! Muslims make bad neighbors with those who do not share their beliefs, and anyone in authority charged with maintaining the general peace of society should be fully aware of the aggressive antecedents of Islam that have continued to be practiced throughout history and into modern times.

Generally speaking, these are not people that have been ‘indoctrinated’ into Western ways of thinking. These are people who practice and live by the Islamic code, which has never had a reformation or gone through an ‘enlightenment’, and are stuck firmly in the seventh century way of thinking. These people only ever respond to violence and deem those civilizations that pander to their every whim as weak, effeminate and not worthy to exist. Police are now told to turn the other cheek when it comes to dealing with Muslims, so which culture do you think, per head of population, is now dominant in crime within this country?

We now find ourselves in an absurd situation which is a recipe for civil unrest, and if not adequately addressed will continue to fester, eventually erupting into a future cultural clash akin to civil war! We have already begun to see the signs of civil unrest with an outburst at Cronulla in 2005 going by the misnomer of ‘The Cronulla Riot’.

This incident was perpetrated mainly by young white Australians and was a backlash against authorities who had refused to counter the intimidation tactics from young Muslim males which had been going on at beaches up and down the coast for years.

While the authorities quickly sidestepped their responsibility to the young Australian citizens, by saddling those who protested as being ‘racists’, they were also criminally negligent in their responsibility to protect the general public by not curtailing ‘payback’ raids, which were orchestrated from the Lakemba Mosque over the following three nights. The damage done to private and public property, and those victims unlucky enough to be caught out in the open by young men from the ‘religion of peace,’ was into the millions of dollars, and — for violence and sheer savagery — far outweighed anything done by the protestors at the so called ‘Cronulla Riot’!

Where were the police to curb the young Muslims’ behaviour? Were the police putting into practice their cultural sensitivity training, in letting them run amok? Or maybe it was a combination of sensitivity training, incompetence by senior police officers, and politicians, who were more interested in soothing Muslim sensitivity while maintaining their vote, the police commanders having been promoted into positions for which they were clearly out of their depth for such a crisis?

I would suggest to anyone interested in just where our Western cultures are heading and have access to the internet, to start surfing the many thousands of websites in Europe and Britain devoted to exposing the ‘colonization’ of their nations through mass Third World immigration. What is most compelling about these sites is that they present a harbinger for Australia’s future. What is occurring over there right now is also occurring here, albeit on a smaller scale.

Multicultural and progressive ideology which has permeated our educational institutions, and indoctrinated those who received an ‘education’ after 1975, is an ideological disease that needs to be excised from society and educational places generally. This ideology should never have been allowed to infiltrate our police forces.

Mr. Ivanoff has suggested that I was born 100 years too late if I believe that shooting and fighting should make up the bulk of police policy. When I joined the NSW Police I was issued with a six shot revolver and a set of handcuffs, equipment which was considered at the time to be adequate in maintaining my personal safety. Tell me Mr. Ivanoff, why is it that ‘modern’ police now have to rely on Oleoresin Spray (pepper), semi-automatic pistols, Tasers and extendable batons?

Until the early 1990s when leftist progressive policies really started to bite into our culture, a gun and a pair of handcuffs were all that the police officer needed, but not now! This was also a time when the police forces around the country were emasculated, and in the process lost general respect, particularly from the criminal/ethnic element who were then deemed to have ‘Human Rights’ and could no longer be ‘roughed up’ by over-zealous police. Police used to keep the criminal element in check through a certain level of fear, and — being society’s protectors — police were also seen as the corporal punishers of a society that valued its cohesion and moral values.

Criminals today appear to have more rights than the victims they accost, and in some cases they do, especially if there is a slight chance that their ‘human rights’ may be violated! After the Wood Royal Commission of 1996/97 police lost the streets to the criminals, and have never been in control of them since.

Successive state and federal governments have mitigated their responsibilities to provide a moral and cohesive society by emasculating their police forces through educational indoctrination and some very poorly thought out legislation.

The rule today for police is to ‘softly softly’ enforce the law, become part-time psychologists for the mentally disturbed, part-time hand wringers for the ills of society, and part-time criminal counselors, more concerned with the well-being of the criminal than in the criminals victims.

This turnaround from the usual norms of policing, often referred to as the ‘human face’ of policing, sends a message of weakness to that element on the street which chooses to push back violently at the perceived police ineffectiveness, and has resulted in a spectacular rise in assaults on police officers over the past decade.

The effective nobbling of police — by those in authority who would rather live by their ideals than their God given common sense — in how they now go about their duties, has produced a society that has well and truly lost its own sense of identity and propriety!

Is it any wonder that when young Aussies who now protest at what they perceive to be happening to their country wrap themselves in the Aussie Flag?! Why do you think they do this? Is it because they are truly racist, as those who pander to our cultural destruction sing out? Or is it really more to do with the slow moral collapse and disintegration of our society?

Policing a society should be about enforcing the law and society’s values and nothing else! There is too much politically correct baggage loaded onto the over-worked street cop today and is it really any wonder why police forces around the nation now have trouble retaining their police officers?

According to current Multicultural philosophy, I am guilty of ‘hate speech’ in telling those ‘rookie police’, who confided in me what they had been taught while at the ‘college of knowledge’, to ‘forget all that garbage’ as the real lessons were about to begin on the street. I am pleased to say that common sense still prevails in some parts of the police force as the first thing my young relative, who graduated the college in 2007, was told on arrival at the police station he was posted to, was to forget all that ‘airy-fairy stuff’ as his REAL education would then start!

According to this young officer, everyone from the college that he had maintained contact with was also told similar things on arrival at their stations. I had a conversation with my young relative soon after he had settled into his policing role. I asked for his opinion on the education standard received at the ‘college of knowledge’ the response from him being, ‘some of it was good but a lot of it was crap’. The subjects considered by him to be crap were those dealing with cultural diversity and other related issues under multi-cultural guises. I would also add to this, that what this young person told me is similar to the comments made by other probationers. No amount of ‘one way street education’ will kill basic common sense in some and, in my opinion, there is still a general attitude within the police force against indoctrination on how they should perceive other cultures and one which I hope continues.

The general opinion that I picked up on, is that any one who settles here should abide by our laws and not receive special consideration. In other words, when in Rome do as the Romans do, which is exactly what was expected of Australia’s immigrants prior to the mid 1970s. After having partaken in some essays as required to further my own police career, I can certainly agree with my young relative’s assessment.

I would suggest that Mr. Ivanoff do his own investigation into my opinions, if he believes I am mistaken in what I have written about. Maybe he could hitch a ride with a car crew from his local police station. He could then see for himself what police now have to deal with on the streets while being ‘hog tied’ with legislation that hinders rather than facilitates policing; legislation, which prevents police from going about their jobs more effectively than they must be able to do. And while he is observing the ineffectiveness of the NSW police, he may also wish to hear from the ‘horse’s mouth’ exactly how the ‘college of knowledge’ is perceived, that is if the officers questioned are guaranteed their opinions will not be punitively acted upon by their over-officious bosses, some of whom seem more intent on ladder climbing over others’ mistakes, rather than be the bosses they are paid to be!

Tell me, Mr. Ivanoff, is corruption still such a huge issue within the force these days that ‘educating’ young people to ‘dob in’ their workmates, whom they may have perceived to have been over-zealous in applying restraint techniques, or some other minor trivial offence, is seen as a method of curtailing unwanted behaviour? Is this a form of ‘modern policing’ for a ‘modern society’. I call it for what it is, CRAP, and indoctrination into communistic ideals! If a cop is corrupt let internal affairs deal with him, that is, after all, an I.A. job!

Is this form of ‘modern policing’ where an officer ‘dobs in’ his/her partner, worth tarnishing an entire police force to correct the actions of some individuals? Is it worth the loss of Esprit de Corps which also lowers morale? Is the noticeable lack of trust amongst police in general, particularly from the police hierarchy, worth the introspection which is so evident within the force these days? Why is it only the police who are so heavily over sighted by a myriad of independent bodies? Why are the government and the judiciary not under the same microscope?

You mention policing a ‘modern society’, what about our law makers and law keepers who consistently fail to adequately provide to us ordinary citizens a moral and safe environment in which to go about our daily activities? The same authorities who consider personal corruption — as the many scandals that have erupted over the years, and continue to do so, out of the present New South Wales government testifies — as par the course? Why is any mention of a Royal Commission into our forms of government and judiciary sidelined? Who is really corrupt here Mr Ivanoff and just what are they hiding?

Police often give advice, via the media, to not resist when threatened by a robber, whether armed or not, and to give over whatever that robber demands rather than face the prospect of personal injury. Is this our ‘modern’ police in action, now giving out advice to retreat from danger, or a threat, and to not resist or defend oneself? Is this leftist philosophy of retreat and cowardice also responsible for the rise of bullying in our schools? If I was in the vicinity of an officer handing out this advice I would call him/her to question. I would say to them. “If you are giving advice like that then you are in the wrong job!”

If what you own is worth protecting and you are able to, then I say fight for it, don’t just hand it over to someone who makes a living as a parasite on society. On that logic of not resisting and just handing over our property, then shouldn’t we all be leaving open our doors and widows so that who ever deems to steal from us does so in the knowledge that there will be no resistance, therefore no-one will be harmed?

When society’s protectors mitigate their responsibilities by telling the citizens they are employed to protect, to hand over their property to those who demand it, then we have failed in our responsibilities to protect our own law abiding citizens. And if we are not prepared to protect our own law abiding citizens, or allow them to protect themselves from those opportunists who would prey on them, then with what moral values are we expected to protect our own culture and way of life?

We are currently witnessing the symptoms, within Western nations, of a wider malaise that has been caused by policies originating from the United Nations. This is now an organisation that devalues the importance of Western civilization and all that its technology and moral guidance has provided to the world.

Instead of upholding those principles which has made the West the guiding light of freedom, the U.N. now promotes a sense of disdain for the West through its poorly thought out ‘Human Rights’ policies, and infers that capitalism is the root of all evil and is the main cause of the world’s woes, that moral equivalency is the new mantra, when it is so blatantly obvious that not all cultures share our moral obligations or ‘human rights’ concerns.

This same kind of destructive philosophy has now filtered down into our police forces and is enforced by some very draconian and Marxist-like legislation. Unless we can reverse this stupidity we will be doomed to no longer be the guiding light of the world that we still are; then again, maybe that is the goal!

Mr. Ivanoff, I hope you will take the time to read the third and last installment of my opinion of policing issues in the next issue of Destiny magazine as I believe it to be the most relevant to the issues of ‘modern’ policing.

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