Swiss vote empowers democracy

Andrew Guild writes on the success of the Swiss minaret referendum.

In a display of popular public concern, the Swiss people have voted to ban the construction of minarets in their country, making the ruling a part of their national constitution.

With 57.5% of the people voting in favour of the ban, it was a clear indication that there are very strong feelings over the creeping Islamification that many European countries are experiencing.

The ever-growing rise of Muslim populations in Europe is a direct consequence of massive numbers of Third World immigration. Therefore, many people have viewed widespread dissent against the growth of Muslim populations as another way of expressing opposition to Third World immigration.

This vote was made possible by the Swiss being firmly committed to having Citizens’ Initiated Referenda as a way of enabling public participation in the national decision-making process – a very good example of having an element that adds to a truly participatory democracy, rather than just a representative democracy.

Unfortunately our representative democracies often end up as only being a choice between powerful parties, which are not all that representative in practice, and are mainly comprised of anti-national politicians, largely financed by anti-national business interests (who contribute millions of dollars to the parties or individual politicians), and whose multiculturalist ideology is supported by the anti-national mainstream media.

Having Citizens’ Initiated Referenda (CIR) is one of the few ways that citizens are empowered to implement their own decisions and override the dictates of politicians who so often do not represent the views and national interests of the people – which is why so many politicians are opposed to CIR.

It should come as no surprise that various multiculturalists have attacked not only the decision of the Swiss people, but also attacked the very concept of having popular voting.

An example of such multiculturalist propaganda, under the headline of “Swiss referendum – a mockery of democracy”, says “Why should we conduct a referendum on an issue which everyone knows can polarize the people?” Maybe since elections “can polarize the people”, maybe the multiculturalists would want them banned too?

Using a new spin on words, the use of such a referendum as part of a democracy is condemned as “majoritarian policies” – perhaps the multiculturalists would like a “democracy” where the views of the majority are ignored? It sounds more like a desire on their behalf for yet more multiculturalist fascism.

One writer for The Guardian said that, in his opinion, “Referendums are a measure of popular gut feelings, rather than considered opinion”. Is that so? Does the same apply to national elections as well? Perhaps multiculturalists want to scrap voting altogether. If the vote had gone the opposite way, there is little doubt such people would be writing about it differently – it’s “considered opinion” if they win, and “gut feelings” if they lose.

As was shown during the Keating era in Australia, many of the multiculturalist ruling elite have nothing but disdain for the common people, and obviously consider them to be unworthy of voting – apparently they feel that democracy and freedom of speech should only be awarded to elitist multiculturalists and do-gooders, thus creating a new order populated by trendy academics, leftist journalists and anti-national politicians.

Such examples once again show the underlying anti-democratic nature of multiculturalism. As an inherently divisive ideology, multiculturalism will – as a matter of course – create divisions within countries; the resulting public and political unrest arising from such divisions is commonly suppressed by multiculturalists by passing anti-freedom laws to ban freedom of speech, using spin doctors to come up with buzz words such as “hate speech” and “ethnic vilification” to justify their fascistic practices.

The multiculturalists stomp harshly upon the neck of democracy, but call their jackboots “caring” names — like “Human Rights Commission” and “Anti-Discrimination Board” — to disguise the true nature of their hate-filled ideology.

So, congratulations to the Swiss for having the guts to speak their own minds, to go against the ruling orthodoxy of multiculturalism and political correctness.

No doubt this vote will embolden Swiss patriots to fight even harder.

The work of the Swiss People’s Party has been impressive and the eyes of nationalists around the world are upon them as they continue their fight to win back their country from those who would destroy it. More power to them!

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