Destiny magazine, issue 8 . . .

Destiny magazine, issue 8

Issue Eight includes:

  • Rise up Australia
    [Some verse by Barry Dunn]
  • Wake up Australia!
    Terrence Odgers looks at the dangers of cultural pluralism to Australian society and exposes some of the myths underlying the political ideology of multiculturalism.
  • How egalitarians are leading us into a new dark age of dogmatism and ignorance
    Darrin Hodges writes about egalitarians, political correctness and modern-day heretics.
  • The price of freedom is eternal vigilance
    Jim Price puts forward his views on important issues facing Australia, as well as outlining his time in the Australian Army during the Second World War. This continues our series of interviews, giving readers new information from different political viewpoints.
  • Anzac Day
    [Some verse by Mr. J. John (Royal Navy, 1939-1945)]
  • Australian Protectionism — A politically central position
    Andrew Phillips considers the issues of Left-Right politics and places sensible nationalism in the centre of the political spectrum.
  • A comparison of political differences
    A brief look at some Left-wing and Right-wing policies, compared with Centrist policies.
  • Quotes of note — Left and Right politics
  • It’s time to ZIP up the borders!
    Andrew Guild presents the argument for a Zero-net Immigration Policy to protect Australia’s future and save our nation’s way of life.
  • Policing issues, part three
    Terrence Odgers gives us the third and final instalment of his series of articles on policing issues, looking at issues of morale, political correctness, trust and respect.
  • The banking system and credit creation
    George Price puts forward his views on some of the problems of the credit-based underpinnings of our banking and monetary system.
  • Quotes of note — Banking
  • Letters to Destiny

More rotten grew each government that smirched Australia’s name;
They hounded true Australians down and sunk the flag in shame —
I dreamed it twenty years ago — a dream of destiny —
The pictures from a future grand flashed back at night to me
And is it our fate that we’ll wake too late to the truth that we were blind?
With a foreign foe at our harbour gate and a blazing drought behind!
~ Henry Lawson, The Ministry of Men; In the Storm That is to Come

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