Destiny magazine, issue 9 [latest issue]

Issue Nine includes: Free Trade Agreements — It can be done, but is it moral? Andrew Phillips looks at the impact of free trade agreements upon the future of the Australian fruit-growing industry. Quotes of note — Economic protectionism Aussies Forever! [verse composition] Quotes of note — Journalism and the media Dark days ahead Terrence […]

It’s time to ZIP up the borders!

Andrew Guild presents the argument for a Zero-net Immigration Policy to protect Australia’s future and save our nation’s way of life. Australia has reached a crisis point in its history whereby the very being of its existence is under threat, imperiling the future of both the Australian people and the Australian environment. The Australian way […]

Australian Protectionism – A politically central position

Andrew Phillips considers the issues of Left-Right politics and places sensible nationalism in the centre of the political spectrum. With the rapid growth experienced by the Australian Protectionist Party over the last 12 months combined with the increased media attention paid to its spokesmen, there has naturally been a vigorous discussion as to where our […]

Destiny magazine, issue 8 . . .

Issue Eight includes: Rise up Australia [Some verse by Barry Dunn] Wake up Australia! Terrence Odgers looks at the dangers of cultural pluralism to Australian society and exposes some of the myths underlying the political ideology of multiculturalism. How egalitarians are leading us into a new dark age of dogmatism and ignorance Darrin Hodges writes […]

Quotes of note — threats to democracy

“In Australia, however, your right to know has never before been under so much pressure, as governments, bureaucracies and courts have all endeavoured to limit the amount of information that should be provided to the public. … The message is that democracy can be corrupted when dissenting voices are silenced.” ~ editorial “Guarding Freedom”, Gold […]