Destiny magazine, issue 4

Issue Four includes: Rudd’s 2020 Summit creates a drought of ideas Andrew Phillips gives a critique on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s conference to create a 12-year-plan for Australia’s future. Healthy communities in rural Australia Mark Wilson writes about his experience of country living for nationalists. The dereliction of democracy in Australia Darrin Hodges talks about […]

Destiny magazine, issue 3

Issue Three includes: Political Correctness – The final nail in the coffin of the Anzac legacy Andrew Phillips describes how the jack-booted brigades of Political Correctness are undermining the sacrifices made by the Australian service men and women for our nation and our way of life. House prices skyrocketing due to immigration [The price of […]

Destiny magazine, issue 2

Issue Two includes: Future prospects for Australian Protectionists Mark Wilson analyses the outcome of the 2007 federal election and its implications for the future of the nationalist movement in Australia. Swiss nationalists dominate elections Patriots in Switzerland show that political successes can be achieved. Is Asianisation genocide of the Australian People? Darrin Hodges exposes the […]

Destiny magazine, issue 1

Issue One includes: Rural social engineering: Global Village Idiots attack the Australian identity Andrew Phillips looks at the importance of regional Australia to our national future and culture, and how it is under assault by the Australia-haters in their frenzied rush towards globalisation. Our responsibilities and duties as Australian nationalists Darrin Hodges discusses the tasks, […]

Destiny magazine, articles list

A listing of all the articles published on this site. All articles from issues 1 to 7 are available. Some selected articles from the latest issues are also available. Destiny magazine, issue 9 Free Trade Agreements — It can be done, but is it moral? Andrew Phillips looks at the impact of free trade agreements […]