It’s time to ZIP up the borders!

Andrew Guild presents the argument for a Zero-net Immigration Policy to protect Australia’s future and save our nation’s way of life. Australia has reached a crisis point in its history whereby the very being of its existence is under threat, imperiling the future of both the Australian people and the Australian environment. The Australian way […]

The Howard years from a nationalist perspective

Adrian Barnett reviews The Howard Legacy: Displacement of Traditional Australia from the Professional and Managerial Classes by Dr. Peter Wilkinson. The author, Dr. Peter Wilkinson, has had a long involvement in patriotic political movements. He is a scientist by training, with several associated qualifications and has headed several scientific institutions. The book is called “The […]

Are our politicians aiming for an Asian future?

Andrew Guild reveals that, under the Labor government of Kevin Rudd, Australia is now on the receiving end of the highest amount of immigration from Asia in our country’s history. The latest annual immigration statistics have revealed that, under Kevin Rudd’s Labor government, Australia has been on the receiving end of the highest number of […]

John Howard the false nationalist: Just another traitor in patriot clothing

Andrew Guild considers the record of John Howard, to determine whether he was an Australian nationalist (as some people might think) or whether he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The recent Liberal Party Prime Minister, John Howard, was someone who acted like a patriot, but whose actions condemned him as just another traitor politician. […]

Is Kevin Rudd intent on an Asian future?

Andrew Guild looks at Kevin Rudd’s pro-Asian views as well as his push for teaching Asian languages, and questions whether Rudd has a hidden agenda. Kevin Rudd is a dubious choice at best for the post of Prime Minister of Australia. Australians should be wondering just how far Rudd’s fascination with Asia will affect his […]