An Aussie defends his nation

Jason West rises to the defence of the Australian people, relating his personal experiences and giving his “politically incorrect” views on Australian culture. This was a letter originally published in a local newspaper in Griffith. The background to the story is that a priest, Father Riley, had been critical of multiculturalism and was subsequently attacked […]

Identity theft

Jamison Daniels discusses the meaning of ethnic/national identity. Recently I watched a video on YouTube of a talk given by Andrew Brons MEP to a small gathering of British National Party supporters. In his talk Mr. Brons shared with his audience his recent experience of having thieves use his credit card details to run up […]

The British connection

Continuing this issue’s focus on Australia’s relationship with the British Isles, Andrew Guild looks at some aspects of the British influence on Australian culture and our way of life. The Australian culture has been influenced by European nations since white people first settled here in 1788. Whilst the most important element of our national culture […]

Some thoughts on the Second World War and after

Jim Price discusses the reasons why so many Australians joined up to fight during World War Two. When we enlisted for service most of us thought the main reason for going to the war was to defend the British Empire, our independence, our sovereignty, our way of life, and to keep our people predominately one […]

Political Correctness – The final nail in the coffin of the Anzac legacy

Andrew Phillips describes how the jack-booted brigades of Political Correctness are undermining the sacrifices made by the Australian service men and women for our nation and our way of life. As we draw near to April, once again the thoughts of Australians turn to the sacrifices made by previous generations in past conflicts. In regional […]