Australian Protectionism – A politically central position

Andrew Phillips considers the issues of Left-Right politics and places sensible nationalism in the centre of the political spectrum. With the rapid growth experienced by the Australian Protectionist Party over the last 12 months combined with the increased media attention paid to its spokesmen, there has naturally been a vigorous discussion as to where our […]

Protesting to protect Australia

Nicholas Folkes gives a first-hand account of a recent protest in Sydney over the Government’s irresponsible policies on refugees and immigration. It was the day that concerned Australians broke the ice, by holding a demonstration at Martin Place, Sydney. Placards and Aussie flags were proudly held and leaflets were handed to the public. The proud […]

Why I joined the Protectionists

Terrence Odgers lays out his reasons for becoming involved in a political movement to win back Australia and protect the Australian way of life. It is with deep concern as a 56 year old male citizen of this great country that I present this article and although I do not pretend to speak for the […]

Laying plans to win the future

Mark Wilson puts forward some tactics that could achieve many successes for nationalists in Australia. We must be brutally honest and recognize that the 2007 election was a disaster for the patriotic candidates that stood, whether under a party name or as independents. We recognize that the external circumstances were not favourable, as many people […]

Protectionists gear up for support

Mark Wilson reports on the 2008 national strategic planning meeting of the Protectionist Party. The national committee of the Australian Protectionist Party held a national strategic planning meeting over the Australia Day week-end. The meeting took place in a board room in an Adelaide conference centre. This meeting was the most business-like and professional that […]