A reasonable approach to the cultural struggle

Mark Wilson argues that nationalists should enmesh themselves with festivals, events and organisations that are pro-Australian in some aspects, without having to worry whether they are 100% on-side or not. As part of our break with the failures of the past we need to take a new approach to what is called “the cultural struggle”. […]

A cultural movement for Australia’s future

A discussion on the need for a wider cultural movement of Australian nationalists and patriots, encompassing cultural, social, and political elements. A “party” is not enough Today’s political and social environment is vastly different to that of 50 years ago. Being a political party is not enough to bring about change in our country. Our […]

Anti-national nihilism: The destruction of our society by Globalists and other Australia-haters

Andrew Guild writes on the problems facing young Australians, dramas which will steadily increase in the long-term and create havoc for future generations. Economic disaster A combination of policies produced by the Australia-haters of the Liberal-Labor parties, and supported by Globalists in general, is leading to the creation of a permanent underclass in our nation. […]