The ‘under the radar’ theory

Mark Wilson gives his perspective on sideshows and time-wasting in the nationalist movement. You may not be familiar with the idea of operating “under the radar” in a political sense. I first heard it a few years ago from a lady who was the national leader of a party I was a member of. I […]

A social co-operative movement for Nationalists

Mark Wilson from the Australian Protectionist Party lays out an idea for a co-operative patriotic social movement. Promoting a social movement The leadership of the Australian Protectionist Party has decided to actively promote the development of a social movement agenda nationwide. With the deepening financial crisis there is going to be a greater need for […]

The election of Barack Hussein Obama

Mark Wilson gives his view on the recent US presidential election. What does the election of Barack Hussein Obama mean for nationalists? It means a clearly defined enemy, that is what it means. All those conservative patriotic types in America, Europe and Australia who have previously assumed that America was pro-white (on the quiet, of […]

A festival of kindred spirits

Mark Wilson shares his experiences of attending the biggest pro-European Identity gathering in Britain – the Red White & Blue Festival, an annual event organised by the British National Party. Recently, I travelled to the United Kingdom and made contact with representatives of the most successful nationalist party in the English-speaking world, the British National […]

Telling it like it is

Mark Wilson on the reasons for always advocating nationalist viewpoints whenever and wherever possible. Some years ago, I was helping out One Nation at a polling station in Parramatta, Sydney, handing out how-to-vote cards in a busy shopping precinct, when I noticed a stall (maybe a hundred metres away from the polling station) with three […]