Laying plans to win the future

Mark Wilson puts forward some tactics that could achieve many successes for nationalists in Australia. We must be brutally honest and recognize that the 2007 election was a disaster for the patriotic candidates that stood, whether under a party name or as independents. We recognize that the external circumstances were not favourable, as many people […]

Healthy communities in rural Australia

Mark Wilson writes about his experience of country living for nationalists. I wrote an earlier article on this subject whilst living in Sydney and at the time had never lived in a rural community. In effect, this is Part Two of that article. [The article, “Healthy Mind: Healthy Body” by Mark Wilson is available on the […]

Guess who’s coming to live next door

Mark Wilson relates a personal tale that is indicative of the hypocrisy of so many Multiculturalists. One day I walked into my front garden to do a spot of gardening, and was greeted from over my fence by my neighbours, who were just on their way out as a family: the husband, the wife and the three […]

A reasonable approach to the cultural struggle

Mark Wilson argues that nationalists should enmesh themselves with festivals, events and organisations that are pro-Australian in some aspects, without having to worry whether they are 100% on-side or not. As part of our break with the failures of the past we need to take a new approach to what is called “the cultural struggle”. […]

Future prospects for Australian Protectionists

Mark Wilson analyses the outcome of the 2007 federal election and its implications for the future of the nationalist movement in Australia. The consensus among Protectionist organisers before the 2007 federal election was that a win by Kevin Rudd and the Labor Party would be a good thing for the patriotic movement, because the greatest […]