The ‘under the radar’ theory

Mark Wilson gives his perspective on sideshows and time-wasting in the nationalist movement. You may not be familiar with the idea of operating “under the radar” in a political sense. I first heard it a few years ago from a lady who was the national leader of a party I was a member of. I […]

Terrie-Anne tells all

Terrie-Anne Verney gives her opinion and tells her story. This continues our series of interviews, giving readers new information from different political viewpoints. What first prompted you to become a nationalist? Growing up in Rural Australia, in a town which was staunchly traditional Anglo-Australian, I did not think there was another way of life. Leaving town as […]

A social co-operative movement for Nationalists

Mark Wilson from the Australian Protectionist Party lays out an idea for a co-operative patriotic social movement. Promoting a social movement The leadership of the Australian Protectionist Party has decided to actively promote the development of a social movement agenda nationwide. With the deepening financial crisis there is going to be a greater need for […]

The Australian idea

Robert Fraser commemorates Australia Day 2009, celebrating the 221st anniversary of the birth of the Australian People, by reviewing the life of Arthur Phillip, Australia’s first Governor, and comparing his ideas to those of the Establishment who rule our nation today. “We have come today to take possession of this fifth great continental division of […]

Success can be achieved

Austria: The two major nationalist parties won a combined vote of 29%. The Freedom Party (18%) and the Alliance for the Future of Austria (BZO) (11%) are a major force in national politics. Gerhard Dörfler of the BZO is the Governor of the state of Carinthia, following the terrible loss of Governor Jörg Haider in […]