The Youth — The Movement!

Tommy Johnson writes on the future of Australian youth, the problems they face, and their right to preserve their ethnic identity, culture and heritage. Australian youth are the future of Australia and the future of the nationalist movement. It is in the spirit and passion of the youth that we will see a turn in […]

A festival of kindred spirits

Mark Wilson shares his experiences of attending the biggest pro-European Identity gathering in Britain – the Red White & Blue Festival, an annual event organised by the British National Party. Recently, I travelled to the United Kingdom and made contact with representatives of the most successful nationalist party in the English-speaking world, the British National […]

Telling it like it is

Mark Wilson on the reasons for always advocating nationalist viewpoints whenever and wherever possible. Some years ago, I was helping out One Nation at a polling station in Parramatta, Sydney, handing out how-to-vote cards in a busy shopping precinct, when I noticed a stall (maybe a hundred metres away from the polling station) with three […]

Laying plans to win the future

Mark Wilson puts forward some tactics that could achieve many successes for nationalists in Australia. We must be brutally honest and recognize that the 2007 election was a disaster for the patriotic candidates that stood, whether under a party name or as independents. We recognize that the external circumstances were not favourable, as many people […]

A reasonable approach to the cultural struggle

Mark Wilson argues that nationalists should enmesh themselves with festivals, events and organisations that are pro-Australian in some aspects, without having to worry whether they are 100% on-side or not. As part of our break with the failures of the past we need to take a new approach to what is called “the cultural struggle”. […]