Policing and ideology

Terrence Odgers discusses the new police teaching methods and the ideology upon which they are based, with the resultant impact upon modern society. This item was written as a reply to a comment in this issue’s Letters section. However, due to its length, it has been included here as an article. Part Three of Mr. […]

Letters to Destiny

Policing issues — NSW Police College is doing fine I have read the second part of a series by Terry Odgers in issue 6 of your Destiny magazine.  Whilst I can agree with some of the criticisms he makes about the management of the NSW Police Force, I disagree with his continued lambasting of the […]

Biker rights get run over

Mark Aldridge puts forward a critical view of some aspects of police operations and warns about “police state” tactics happening in South Australia. I am a hard-working proud South Australian. My wife and I self-fund an animal sanctuary. I have always had a strong interest in my state’s future and as such I have been […]

Policing issues (part two)

Terry Odgers continues his discussion on matters of concern regarding the police force and the many problems that stem from a lack of understanding of practical policing issues by the police hierarchy and their political masters in government. Continued from Destiny issue five Apart from being complicit in the government’s agenda to effectively ‘politicize’ the […]

Policing issues

Terrence Odgers discusses matters of concern regarding the police force, the effects of the Wood Royal Commission, and their impact upon present-day policing and services to the public. Most NSW residents are unaware that the state Police Force is not as effective in combating crime as it used to be. Most would also be unaware […]