Terrie-Anne tells all

Terrie-Anne Verney gives her opinion and tells her story. This continues our series of interviews, giving readers new information from different political viewpoints. What first prompted you to become a nationalist? Growing up in Rural Australia, in a town which was staunchly traditional Anglo-Australian, I did not think there was another way of life. Leaving town as […]

The plight of Australian farmers

I live out in the country where I grow my wheat and sheep I used to make a living here and pay my food and keep The place that bought my produce was a country called Iraq We’d ship them all our meat and grain, they’d send the money back We’d spend it in the […]

Healthy communities in rural Australia

Mark Wilson writes about his experience of country living for nationalists. I wrote an earlier article on this subject whilst living in Sydney and at the time had never lived in a rural community. In effect, this is Part Two of that article. [The article, “Healthy Mind: Healthy Body” by Mark Wilson is available on the […]