African gangs pose threat: Australians face the new problem of black African gangs in their midst

A new problem has arisen in modern Australia, coming hot on the heels of a huge tide of immigration into the country of black Africans, including particularly large numbers of African refugees.

Police sources have revealed that there are increasing problems with African street gangs, and that they have been become increasingly violent.

The Sudanese gangs have been pointed out as a particular problem, with many young Sudanese men having been part of the SPLA (Sudan People’s Liberation Army), a rebel group that fought in a revolution to overthrow the Sudanese government. Other race-based gangs are out on the streets, with Pacific Islander and Asian gangs also becoming a problem. The threat of jail poses no particular deterrent to many of those in the African and Vietnamese gangs, with one youth worker saying that “Prison would be like Buckingham Palace compared to where they’ve been – refugee camps and the like”.

One report noted that African gangs were moving into the central business district of Melbourne, targeting Crown Casino and the Southbank area in particular, and were armed with knives, batons, baseball bats, machetes, and samurai swords. The Melbourne suburbs of Dandenong and Springvale have been particular problem areas also. Residents and street police have asked police command to set up a special taskforce to combat violence and crime regarding the African migrants living in Melbourne’s inner-city housing commission estates such as Flemington and Fitzroy.

Groups of young Sudanese males have made it their practice to congregate in large numbers at train stations around Dandenong, and have been accused of intimidating behaviour and harassing people. Police spokesmen seem to be whitewashing the problem, instead of fixing it.

In one incident, in June 2006, some two hundred youths were involved in violent brawls at a Sudanese wedding; many of the thugs were armed with samurai swords, machetes, and baseball bats. Risking their lives, 32 police bravely took on the 200-strong mob, and broke up the fighting. Further incidents of gang warfare in the Dandenong area have occurred, also involving weapons.

Yet more and more police resources are being spent on ways for the police to deal with the Sudanese problem. It has been reported that “police received specialist training with Sudanese community leaders on how to deal with cultural differences”. The fact is that our police forces have limited resources, and limited time to spend on combating crime. For every 100 hours the police have to spend on the extra problems created by Africans imported into Australia, that’s 100 hours of police time lost, that would otherwise have been spent on combating existing crime problems.

Australia now has more than 23,000 Sudanese refugees, whereas just 10 years ago there were “only” 2600. Police have expressed concerns about the growing level of Sudanese crime.

The Herald Sun newspaper has conducted a study of 400 cases in Melbourne’s magistrate courts, and found that 14% of offenders originated from the Horn of Africa and the Middle East, which is proportionately 20 times more (that is, 2000% more) than would be expected of the offender rate for the general Australian population.

However, the fact is that no matter how many studies show that black African communities have a higher proportion of crimes (especially regarding violence and rape), Liberal-Labor will not ban black African immigration. Unlike the general population, Liberal-Labor are committed to destroying European society in Australia, and will not stop until every person in Australia is of Third World ethnicity, a result of a long-term programme of immigration-driven genocide of the Australian people.

Following public protests against the street-level realities of living with high numbers of black African refugees, the Liberal government of John Howard decided to cut back the number of Sudanese refugees coming into Australia. It should be noted that this is just a temporary cutback; it is not a ban on black African immigration.

Indeed, as Liberal-Labor are committed to the destruction of the Australian people via immigration and multiracialism, this decision does NOT mean an increase of immigration from Europe. Instead, the government announced plans to bring in more “refugees” from Asia instead.

Australians should not be fooled that John Howard, or any other Liberal-Labor politician, is somehow “secretly” in favour of a predominantly European Australia. John Howard, Kevin Rudd, and Liberal-Labor politicians in general are committed to the creation of a multiracial Australia, even though this will mean the end of the Australian People.

Some Liberal-Labor politicians have made noises about immigration problems, but these are designed to fool the Australian people that these politicians are “secretly” really on-side. Australians should not be fooled; we need to face the fact that Liberal-Labor politicians are dedicated to the idea of making white Australians a minority in their own country.

Liberal-Labor, with their so-called “non-discriminatory” immigration programme (it actually discriminates against European immigration, and against the survival of our people), are the current status quo in Australia, but maintaining that status quo is causing the demise of our people. The status quo equals death, and we must choose life if our nation is to survive.

We have to choose between two alternatives. We can do nothing, which gives passive approval to anti-Australian genocide, or we can join together with other Australian Protectionists to change things for the better.

The choice is simple.


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