Destiny magazine, issue 9 [latest issue]

Issue Nine includes: Free Trade Agreements — It can be done, but is it moral? Andrew Phillips looks at the impact of free trade agreements upon the future of the Australian fruit-growing industry. Quotes of note — Economic protectionism Aussies Forever! [verse composition] Quotes of note — Journalism and the media Dark days ahead Terrence […]

Destiny magazine, issue 8 . . .

Issue Eight includes: Rise up Australia [Some verse by Barry Dunn] Wake up Australia! Terrence Odgers looks at the dangers of cultural pluralism to Australian society and exposes some of the myths underlying the political ideology of multiculturalism. How egalitarians are leading us into a new dark age of dogmatism and ignorance Darrin Hodges writes […]

Destiny magazine, issue 7 . . .

Issue Seven includes: Australian Protectionism: More than just economics Andrew Phillips discusses the wider meaning of Protectionism, demonstrating that the ideology of Social Protectionism seeks to protect the freedoms, rights and future of the Australian people. Identity theft Jamison Daniels discusses the meaning of ethnic/national identity. Banking, free trade and fair trade Peter Davis, Mayor […]

Destiny magazine, issue 6 . . .

Issue Six Includes: Globalisation – At what price? Andrew Phillips discusses the implications of globalisation for Australia and the negative effects of so-called “free trade” agreements. Are our politicians aiming for an Asian future? Andrew Guild reveals that, under the Labor government of Kevin Rudd, Australia is now on the receiving end of the highest […]

Destiny magazine, issue 5

Issue Five Includes: A festival of kindred spirits Mark Wilson shares his experiences of attending the biggest pro-European Identity gathering in Britain – the Red White & Blue Festival, an annual event organised by the British National Party. The Youth – The Movement! Tommy Johnson writes on the future of Australian youth, the problems they […]