Archives for May 2008

The plight of Australian farmers

I live out in the country where I grow my wheat and sheep I used to make a living here and pay my food and keep The place that bought my produce was a country called Iraq We’d ship them all our meat and grain, they’d send the money back We’d spend it in the […]

Telling it like it is

Mark Wilson on the reasons for always advocating nationalist viewpoints whenever and wherever possible. Some years ago, I was helping out One Nation at a polling station in Parramatta, Sydney, handing out how-to-vote cards in a busy shopping precinct, when I noticed a stall (maybe a hundred metres away from the polling station) with three […]

A reality check on Multiculturalism

Andrew Guild considers the irony of Multiculturalists being insulted by the reality of their ideology in action. A UK newspaper has reported that “The departing Mayor of Kirklees launched a blistering attack on a group of orthodox Muslims for refusing to pose with her in photographs”. Jean Calvert, who was Mayor of Kirklees, was kindly […]

A test of Kevin Rudd’s “metal”

Darrin Hodges analyses the impact of Prime Minister Rudd’s pro-China sympathies upon the issues of human rights and mining interests, discussing the intent of the PM that some regard as “China’s man in Canberra”. By the time this article is published Kevin Rudd will have already met with Chinese president Hu Jintao (9th of May […]

No Human Rights for the Australian People

Andrew Guild comments on the so-called “Human Rights” industry. Screenshot extracts from the internet site of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) show just whose side they are on. Much attention is devoted to the problems of minorities, but nowhere is there mention of the marginalisation of Australians by the twin evils of […]