Australia takes a Swan dive

Darrin Hodges looks at the damage being done to the Australian economy, with our manufacturing resources relocating to Asia and with a government that seems inept at best. Early in March 2008, Treasurer Wayne Swan made an extraordinary statement in federal parliament during question time. On the back of newly-released employment figures which showed that […]

Global economic crisis threatens Australia’s future

Darrin Hodges discusses the current economic crisis and its effects upon Australia. Economic crisis This time in world history is one which the nationalists have been warning people about for years, if not decades. The current economic crisis that is engulfing the world’s financial institutions isn’t about the failure of capitalism as left-wing pundits like […]

A test of Kevin Rudd’s “metal”

Darrin Hodges analyses the impact of Prime Minister Rudd’s pro-China sympathies upon the issues of human rights and mining interests, discussing the intent of the PM that some regard as “China’s man in Canberra”. By the time this article is published Kevin Rudd will have already met with Chinese president Hu Jintao (9th of May […]

Rudd’s 2020 Summit creates a drought of ideas: Infertile New Class minds leave a barren future for the Australian Nation

Andrew Phillips gives a critique on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s conference to create a 12-year-plan for Australia’s future. One need not be surprised at the spectacle of the Australian media throwing their weight behind Rudd’s flimsy attempt at populism – the 2020 Summit held in Canberra. Disregarding the fact that the Summit was neither democratic […]

Is Kevin Rudd intent on an Asian future?

Andrew Guild looks at Kevin Rudd’s pro-Asian views as well as his push for teaching Asian languages, and questions whether Rudd has a hidden agenda. Kevin Rudd is a dubious choice at best for the post of Prime Minister of Australia. Australians should be wondering just how far Rudd’s fascination with Asia will affect his […]