It’s time to ZIP up the borders!

Andrew Guild presents the argument for a Zero-net Immigration Policy to protect Australia’s future and save our nation’s way of life. Australia has reached a crisis point in its history whereby the very being of its existence is under threat, imperiling the future of both the Australian people and the Australian environment. The Australian way […]

Freedom of speech is fine … as long as you don’t do it in public

Andrew Guild exposes how the so-called “Human Rights” industry has yet again attacked the right of Australians to have freedom of speech, by using misguided government legislation, and aided by a legal system that refuses to allow people the right to a trial by jury. Yet another so-called “Human Rights” organisation has struck again, attacking […]

A silly wrong by Billabong

Andrew Guild criticises the decision of the Billabong clothing company to not use an Australian as its main model for its worldwide advertising campaign. With so many Australian jobs being lost in the global economic crisis, it boggles the mind that Billabong — an Australian icon — should choose an American model to be the […]

Are our politicians aiming for an Asian future?

Andrew Guild reveals that, under the Labor government of Kevin Rudd, Australia is now on the receiving end of the highest amount of immigration from Asia in our country’s history. The latest annual immigration statistics have revealed that, under Kevin Rudd’s Labor government, Australia has been on the receiving end of the highest number of […]

The British connection

Continuing this issue’s focus on Australia’s relationship with the British Isles, Andrew Guild looks at some aspects of the British influence on Australian culture and our way of life. The Australian culture has been influenced by European nations since white people first settled here in 1788. Whilst the most important element of our national culture […]