Media success in election campaign

Darrin Hodges comments on the recent NSW council elections. The recent NSW council elections, and my participation in them, was certainly an interesting experience, and though the actual results would seem disappointing (333 votes or 2%) it was a huge success in terms of getting publicity for the Protectionist Party – beyond our expectations [1]. […]

Global economic crisis threatens Australia’s future

Darrin Hodges discusses the current economic crisis and its effects upon Australia. Economic crisis This time in world history is one which the nationalists have been warning people about for years, if not decades. The current economic crisis that is engulfing the world’s financial institutions isn’t about the failure of capitalism as left-wing pundits like […]

A test of Kevin Rudd’s “metal”

Darrin Hodges analyses the impact of Prime Minister Rudd’s pro-China sympathies upon the issues of human rights and mining interests, discussing the intent of the PM that some regard as “China’s man in Canberra”. By the time this article is published Kevin Rudd will have already met with Chinese president Hu Jintao (9th of May […]

The dereliction of democracy in Australia

Darrin Hodges talks about the (lack of) opposition response to the Rudd government and how the Liberal Party no longer represents a viable opposition – thus denying true democracy to the people. Kevin Rudd’s “Sorry Day” speech and the way he successfully co-opted the so-called Opposition and subsequent “Opposition” back downs over the Pacific Solution […]

Jihad finance coming to Australia: The scam of Islamic banking

Darrin Hodges looks at how Islam operates in the banking sector, the way it is often misunderstood, and how it can be used by Muslims to spread aspects of Shari’a Law. A recent report on ABC’s Lateline program[1] has brought to the fore something which we should all be concerned about: Islamic finance coming to […]