A reality check on Multiculturalism

Andrew Guild considers the irony of Multiculturalists being insulted by the reality of their ideology in action.

A UK newspaper has reported that “The departing Mayor of Kirklees launched a blistering attack on a group of orthodox Muslims for refusing to pose with her in photographs”.

Jean Calvert, who was Mayor of Kirklees, was kindly invited to attend a “community cohesion event” at the local Town Hall (the function was organised by local imams and the Sunni Muslim Council of Mosques). However, when the time came for the photographs to be taken, the orthodox Muslims refused to let her be included — because she is a woman.

Councillor Calvert was rightly upset at this turn of events, perhaps more so because she is a long-time advocate of women’s rights. Calvert said that “The photographer was told in no uncertain terms that ‘we don’t have photographs taken with women’.

Waseem Riaz, of Heckmondwike Jamia Mosque, told the Mirfield Reporter that it was the custom of orthodox Muslims to keep the sexes apart; he said:

It is a part of orthodox Islamic beliefs that unless it’s a person’s own wife that it’s better not to have photographs taken … Some orthodox Muslims would not even have photographs taken with their own wives.

It is sad that this lady was excluded from full participation at the event just because she was a female. However, Calvert (a member of the Labour Party) is apparently just another Multiculturalist, who was happy enough to hand over the mayorship to a Muslim mayor, giving him power over the local community. A Multiculturalist being snubbed by Muslims at a “community cohesion event” has almost certainly got to qualify for “ironic event of the year”.

It is a funny thing that some people support Multiculturalism, but then act all amazed when Multiculturalism turns around and bites them. They should know that it’s in the nature of the scorpion to do so.

Councillor Calvert needs to get a reality check. She needs to understand that what happened to her is just part and parcel of Multiculturalism — a political ideology that is not only costly, contradictory, dangerous and divisive, but one which will cause the death of Western Civilisation, if it is not stopped.

What is happening in the UK and Europe has now begun in Australia and can only be stopped if the masses of ordinary people rise up to defend their nation and traditional way of life.

Calvert and all Multiculturalists need to be told “Wake up and smell the diversity!”

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