Telling it like it is

Mark Wilson on the reasons for always advocating nationalist viewpoints whenever and wherever possible.

Some years ago, I was helping out One Nation at a polling station in Parramatta, Sydney, handing out how-to-vote cards in a busy shopping precinct, when I noticed a stall (maybe a hundred metres away from the polling station) with three young people handing out leaflets and trying to sell newspapers.

I thought to myself “Looks like commies, I’ll go and have a look”. I gave my how-to-vote cards to a fellow One Nation worker, told him I would go and have a chat with the commies, and bring him back a coffee.

As I approached the lefty activists I was weighing them up. The girls looked like the stereotypical commies — you know, trying to look as least feminine as possible, blokey haircuts, dyed green and red , no make-up, badly fitting clothes, over-weight and generally angry looking.

With your typical misfit lefty activists, the situation is that as they don’t fit into society, therefore they think that society must be changed — to be made-over in their image, so that the lefties will finally feel like they fit in after all.

The young bloke, however, was clean-cut, bright –eyed, casual but presentable, he looked eager to please and friendly, very un-lefty activist looking. I made eye contact and made a bee-line straight for him. I shook his hand, introduced myself and told him it was good to see young people taking an interest in politics and getting out there on the streets.

One of the girls was listening to every word whilst trying to look like she wasn’t, whilst the other one was holding up newspapers and shouting at passers-by, about “racist” this and “fascist” that.

I asked the young bloke what their position was on separate nations and races, etc. He gave me the standard answer, that “We don’t recognise separate races or nations, as they are all capitalist/fascist creations to enslave the masses”.

“So, your policies are universal, not subject to national differences” I asked.

“Oh, yes,”, he said, “Well put, are you from the Labor Party?” I told him I wasn’t, so he asked “Would you like to buy a paper? It explains things in greater detail”.

“Ok,” I told him, “but first there are a few points I would like to clarify — you are for land rights for Aborigines, right?”

“Oh, yes,” he replied, “they were here first you know, it’s their land we are standing on, their culture has been destroyed, [etc. etc.]”.

“Good,” I said, “I think I’m talking to the right people then”. His face lit up with interest.

Now the one with the green hair stopped pretending that she wasn’t listening and turned to join in the conversation, looking very enthusiastic; she threw in a few “white people” this and “white people” that at me.

“Ok, ok,” I said “You’ve made your point. I know exactly what you are talking about. I come from Britain and it’s being colonised by non-Europeans and our culture is being destroyed; we were there first, you know, and our rights are being taken away. We want land rights too — can you help us?”

Stunned silence follows — I’m talking about ten seconds of them all looking at each other, then at me, then back at each other, and then back at me again — all the while I’m trying to look like I expect them to help, I have a big smile, wide eyes, hands held out, palms up and nodding.

The young bloke turned to the green-haired one and said “Wha… um…”, and then it started.

The green-haired one said “I don’t think you understand”.

I said “What’s not to understand? Your policies are universal, you don’t favour any racial group or any nation, therefore you must support land rights for every group, otherwise your polices are not universal and you are racist — which is it?”

The young bloke now says “No, no, we’re not…”, but the green-head starts ranting at me “You’re a fascist! You’re a racist!”

Then the young bloke chimes in with “We would support land rights for native Britons, wouldn’t we?”, as he looks sheepishly at ‘Ms. Green Head’, but she is now losing it big-time, yelling and screaming.

And then the red head joins in and they are screaming at me — and at the young bloke. They’re screaming “Don’t listen to him!” and again “Don’t listen to him, he’s a fascist pig, he’s scum!!”

All the time I keep my look fixed on the young bloke and I start saying “These people have misled you, walk away from them, they’ve lied to you, they’re the racists, they’re liars and hypocrites”. He put his papers down on the table and walked off through the crowd, with the girls screaming at him as he left.

I left too and went and got a coffee for myself and my fellow poll worker. When I returned and gave him his coffee, he told me he heard some screaming. He said “Those commies are mad and irrational. It’s a waste of time talking to them”.

I replied “No, it’s not” and told him about the young bloke walking away — “Think of the effect it will have on the green head and the red head and how they are going to explain it to their comrades. Think about how if someone confronted you and proved your ideology was bogus and contradictory, how would you feel? If you were a genuine person, you would feel devastated and demoralized”.

I added, “In my view, we should always confront, in a non-violent way, the ideology of those who hate us. Demoralising your enemies is always well worthwhile”.

All in all, it was a fun day out.

I think that the lesson of that day for me was that it is always worth confronting and debating our opponents. You can’t win them all over, but you may win some and often neutralize others.

At the very least, many of them will come to see that we are not the “nasty fascist racists” that they think we are (or that leftist mythology or deliberate lying makes us out to be). It will take the wind (and much of the blind hatred) out of their sails to see us as real individuals with real legitimate concerns about the future of our people, and, for the more normal ones, that will give them less enthusiasm to attack us and our ideas.

Doing this will add to the overall shift in the way of thinking of ordinary people that we are aiming to achieve, as we promote nationalism as a valid part of everyday politics — enabling a psychological cultural shift throughout society that will enable more and more young people to feel emboldened to join nationalists in the movement to defend their people. It’s well worth it.

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