The wise dog on the tuckerbox

A poem that condemns the way in which so much of Australia has been bought up by foreign interests. The dog sits on the tuckerbox He’s getting pretty mad! “The country’s gone to other dogs, It’s getting flaming bad! They’re sellin’ out Australia! It makes you wonder why, The tuckerbox is foreign-owned!” Said the dog […]

Red tape by the roll

A poem by Brian McRae on the continual interference by governments into the lives of everyday people. An indictment of the modern “nanny state”. Where’s your forms and license fee; the public servant whines And keep in line with all the rest and watch the lights and signs And don’t come to the service booth […]

The plight of Australian farmers

I live out in the country where I grow my wheat and sheep I used to make a living here and pay my food and keep The place that bought my produce was a country called Iraq We’d ship them all our meat and grain, they’d send the money back We’d spend it in the […]

For our future

The call to Australia comes once more Our nation cries out in pain There’s a need for those who have the strength To battle the odds again   Once more, we face the danger Of hordes from Eastern lands And for those of us who rise to fight, Australia’s future is in our hands   […]

Australia waits for you

People of Australia, rise Rise up and face your fears Our nation needs warriors strong To battle forward and fight for years Every ancestor of your ancient blood Calls upon you to make a stand To rise up for your people’s future In Australia’s harsh but caring land On this wild and bushy continent Near […]